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Laid Down To Rest

by Alex Collins

Author Notes: A little something I wrote; may contain spoilers for the future of Meledon Phoenix.

December 22nd, 1998.

It had once been a tomb, though the remains of the five individuals that had once rested in this place were long situated elsewhere in the process of excavation.

Draco Black walked along the passageway, not bothering to light his wand. The sun would light the passageway soon enough; sunrise was only minutes away and it would take another four minutes after that before the chamber was alight. More to the point, he couldn't light his wand—both his hands were engaged in carrying a stone basin.

The Ministry'll do anything for us now, he reflected, before shaking his head. He would not dwell on that, not now. It was all said and done. It wasn't like arguing or endless discussion would change that. Better to take advantage for the things they wanted—which weren't much—and then melt back into their private lives.

His footsteps had brought him to the cruciform chamber and Draco set the stone basin down, his hands pulling two gold chains from around his neck. Placing them in the basin with utmost care, he stood and took out his wand. A quick Tempus told him the sun should be rising.

With a grunt of effort, Draco lifted the stone basin and carried it over to one of the recesses. It was difficult to get the basin positioned in the appropriate manner, but as the beams of sunlight began to light up the chamber, the task was done.

"I kept my promise," Draco said, his voice not more than a whisper. With a crack of Apparation, Draco Black was gone, leaving the sunlight to illuminate the tri-spiral engraved on the stone basin.

Seventeen minutes later, the sunlight departed the chamber for another year.

Nadia pulled a stray lock of hair behind her ear, listening to the tourists.

"What of the tri-spirals?" one said.

"The tri-spiral is also known as the Spiral of Life," Nadia said. "What it represents is unknown, but commonly, the belief is that it means life, death and rebirth. Other beliefs are that it refers to male, female, and child on the path of life or that it represents the Triple Goddess."

"And that stone basin?" a tourist said, pointing to the recess where it rested. The lights snapped off, alarming some of the tourists.

"Don't worry; it won't be for long," the other tour guide said, taking over with a futile look at Nadia. "Your eyes need to adjust to the darkness before the sunrise."

"The stone basin?" the tourist said, the tone more insistent.

Nadia turned to look at where the basin was. "Heroic queens laid down to rest," she said at last, running her fingers over the engraved name, feeling the curves and straight rows of the letters.

The sun rose and minutes later, the beams of sunlight began to illuminate the cruciform chamber as they had done for centuries. Before long, there was enough light for Nadia to read the name.

"Another year," she said, her voice soft before she kissed the tips of her fingers and pressed them to the basin. That done, Nadia walked out of the passage.

The tourists looked at Nadia and then back at the name.


Author Notes: I did not mention where Draco and Nadia were on purpose; there are enough clues in the story itself to work out where they were if you must know.
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