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Alex and the Masters
The Yellow and Purple Masters

by Alex Collins

Author Notes: The following contains a fair amount of clues and outright spoilers for those brave enough to work them out.

Sometimes, I could kick Zordon.

Not that it would do me much good, not after what Andros did. I know it was on Zordon's orders, but the pain never quite went away. Not even joining the Council as the Yellow Master was able to take it away completely.

I was at the Peace Conference when it happened and the power... the feeling of the power filling me, changing me as I had not felt in over five years. For just the briefest instant, I felt the morph complete before it disappeared. The Yellow Power was mine once again that day, though I never used it. It was not strong enough to battle against the foot soldiers of the day and more to the point, there was no need. But it stayed with me, returning the privileges of heightened reflexes and accelerated healing to me.

Although, when I and my group were taken hostage, they did me no good. I attempted mediation; such was my forte and had always been, but they were unwilling to listen and turned their guns on me. I merely waited, once again asking them to reconsider their path.

Then they shot me.

I think I died instantly; certainly I don't remember much before the Yellow Power took a greater hold of me than it ever had before. And I stood before the Council, with the knowledge that I had chosen to serve as the Yellow Master.

I knew of Dulcea, but it was the Purple Master that I gravitated towards more. There was something about her face and the kindness in her eyes that attracted me. And so the Masters told me of what the Council was and gave me my task: to bring an end to the Power Rangers. I protested, saying that it was impossible—evil always came back, but they told me: Rangers were never supposed to activate each and every year; the war was supposed to have much longer breaks than a few scant months. And that is what they were after.

I couldn't protest that and set upon the task.

But you knew all that already. Besides those early days of experimentation were tedious in the extreme, so let's not rehash them. Suffice it to say that after some time, everything was set. The control universe was running away as normal and the new world—the Meleverse—was likewise going. Although I wasn't too thrilled with the interference of Paul Gryffindor, but what could I do?

The only good thing was that time was rather flexible here—though I must have tried many different things before settling on my chosen path, it was as if no time had passed.

"Time passes in a straight line, yet holds no meaning."

"Meaning?" I said, looking at the young woman.

"You will find that as needs demand, you can step away from the world and then come back to it what may seem an age later and only a minute has passed," the Purple Master said. "But there is something I can suggest; it will help you keep things straight."


"Psychic sensitivity," the Purple Master said. She waved her hand, the universes opening up before them before resolving into a picture of the Earth from space. "Someone out there has to be psychically sensitive to the Meleverse; if you can find such a person and whisper things into their head, then you'll be set. Use my name if you must, I've no doubt he'll be pleased to know of me..."

That was helpful enough, except that the Purple Master decided to leave me to it, without so much as a word of advice as to how to find this person. I was sure she knew who I was looking for, too. I somehow managed, finding the one the Purple Master had spoken of. How did I know he was the one? That was rather obvious when I discovered that he'd been able to write about one of my earlier, discarded universes, which had pretty much gone nowhere, due to the fact that having your main character sleeping for eleven years wasn't really the best use of her.

So I chose him. Alex Collins.

From that first moment, it seemed my choice had given me more trouble than I knew. Things were shifting in that world; events long consigned to the past were becoming clearer, less flexible. The War of the Grid, the fall of Phaedos, the entrapment of Ivan Ooze... these events had been known to the Rangers of Earth, but under Alex, the events and history were defined and dated, forced into a framework of logic and sense. No doubt this history would apply to other universes as well, being so far in the past as not to matter.

I cursed when that occurred to me and went to hunt down the Purple Master.

"Your little friend," I said, having cornered her. "He's psychically sensitive alright."

"That's a good thing," the Purple Master said.

"But it goes beyond seeing what happens," I said. "He can affect it as well!"

The Purple Master blinked. "I hadn't expected that, though in some ways it's not entirely unsurprising. Some people can, though not most. The Founders might know more of that, if you care to go talk to them."

I decided against that and after making sure the Purple Master knew to inform me of all the details in future—instead of leaving me to discover these things on my own—I went back to looking at the Meleverse. Oh, give me a break—I was new to the job, I really had no idea of what I was doing and sometimes, I felt like I was being judged on how well I did this task without any information.

Which wasn't going to be very well, I can tell you.

I looked over at the canon universe, my eyes flickering over the groups arrayed.

The words I used would have gotten my mouth washed out with soap were my mother present.

It was time, therefore, to speak with my Alex. If he could affect what happened, perhaps this problem might be best resolved by him when the time came.

Alex Collins slumped back into his seat and idly weighed his options, the music of Celtic Woman playing in the background, as had become usual for him.

The options are pretty much nada; everything requires help which you don't have access to. The emails have been sent out and now the waiting begins.

A chime indicated he had a message, which turned out to be an invitation to watch a webcam. Pressing Alt + Shift + A to accept, he let the webcam load, moving it to the standard place at top right.

His fingers began to move across the screen of their own accord as he watched the events on the webcam.

Having fun there?

Alex frowned as his attention was diverted. The words had a strange sense of exasperation laced through them, but they were words, weren't they? And where had they come from? As his eyes went back, his fingers once again began to type.

They aren't just words. But I'm not going to get much out of you unless I change that webcam image, am I?

The image flickered, to be replaced with the visage of a young Asian woman, long black hair combed back and tied with yellow ribbons.

"What?" Alex said, reading the words and looking at the image.

Sorry, Alex. But I need to talk to you. You can have the webcam back later.

"Credentials?" Alex said, folding his hands in his lap. "One of each?"

The woman looked thoughtful.

Text began to type itself out on the screen.

Danger Granger-Lupin will be offered the chance to kill—

"That'd almost do it for me, if it wasn't already known."

The woman rolled her eyes, but nodded.

The Ravenclaw Horcrux was the final Horcrux to be made and yet the first. Alone of all the Horcruxes, it does not register as one. It hides in plain sight, with the statue of the Eagle, one of four statues built by a group of four people, who had at one point been five, or so it was said.

"Okay," Alex said. "Good enough for me. What's the issue, Trini?"

Trini ran a hand through her hair.

Prophecy. It's in flux. It has stated specific limits, yet those limits are being tested, pushed to breaking point. What was prophesized will not come to pass, unless some die, or some never are.

"If you're referring to the final battle—"

Not exactly. Do you recall what happened to the Masters?

"...oh." Alex sat back, opening a file. A few quick keystrokes confirmed the numbers again and he shrugged. "It is something to keep an eye on, but the prophecy is... not set in stone. It states a fact, but not so that the fact must or will come to pass. It may very well not. Keep an eye on it—you'll react faster than I would."

Very well.

"Anything else?"

Trini looked off to the side.

It'll have to wait. The Purple Master wants me.

Somehow, the return of the webcam activities didn't interest Alex. Experience told him when the higher ups reached across the divide to speak of things—well, it was never good.

Just once, just once, I'd like them to try reaching across the divide for something a little less life threatening, something like a nice, friendly chat. Would that be so hard?

I don't think I know how to sleep anymore—I've gone so long without needing it. Now that I'm here in bed, relaxed and feeling the contentment of relaxing, I don't want to leave. It's almost three in the morning; I've been here ten minutes and I think I've got another three hours at least. I hadn't felt that I was missing simple human pleasures such as this, but I was and I'll enjoy the time I have left. I do like the Transfiguration work, too. The bed as it was before was just unacceptable. I also threw up some anti-Muggle wards, just as a precaution.

I know I spoke to the Yellow Master about time, but honestly, it's ridiculous.

Alex Slytherin; he's got a couple of universe he's playing with. His LSCverse is currently 1987. His Dangerverse, 1996. My and the Yellow Master's Meleverse? 1984.

It's enough to drive one mad. Time proceeds in a straight fashion, I wasn't lying about that—as a matter of fact, I can't—but it does pass differently up here compared to down there and even down there, it's all insane. The canon world is so far removed from Meleverse it gives me a headache to consider the implications of that.

All in all, I've been a member of the Council for about as long as the Founders have been residing in their Hogwarts, but I still haven't gotten used to the time dilation. And it's only going to get worse when the Pack-adults go off... I know how that all turns out, because it's happened from my side of things. My being here is proof enough of that. But it's going to be happening because it hasn't happened yet from this side of things and that's just too much confusion.

I wonder... if Alex changes things so it doesn't happen, will I still be here?

That's too metaphysical for three in the morning.

The Yellow Master has not asked me yet how I know of the Founders, when her visits to them were unknown to the Council. Well, I say unknown; it's more that we don't mention it. We can hold secrets and we often do, but sliding over to another section of our higher reality is something that can't be hidden; we'll sense it every time. And with how angry she was when she did it the second time, it was even more noticeable. Of course, I didn't know she'd gone to the Founders, not until she came back that second time bitching about Paul Gryffindor and so I checked the Meleverse and saw the results.

I had to suppress a grin; Paul was always too impulsive for his own good. In any case, it made the Yellow Master content—everything looked normal and looked as though it would hold for once instead of falling into an all consuming darkness. I still kept an eye on it. It's her project, but I've got an investment in it. And at the moment, the Yellow Master forgets: if we bring the Rangers to us, her identity will need to be protected. Might have to see how far this not lying thing stretches. We can't lie directly, but could we lie indirectly?

I suppose I can lie down here, now that I think about it, but I don't see the point. It's Alex, after all. He'd know if I was lying.

Bugger, I just realised. If he can affect the Meleverse, which I know he can, he can affect what happens up where we are—even if it's through the virtue of a visit from the Rangers.

I wonder if sucking up to Alex will make him less inclined to do something to me.

Oh, I give up. If he's going to kill me, he's going to kill me. At least I'll die happy. I'll take this bed with me when—bugger, I can't. I'll have to Transfigure it back. If that just doesn't spoil my plans.

The Yellow Master told him of the problem with the prophecy and now it's my turn to inform him. I'm not even sure if the Yellow Master knows of the Heart of Hogwarts. But I do and more than that, I know of a certain issue with it. Alex'll need to know.

Which brings me to this bed.

And I need to use the toilet.


The bed felt different. There was a scent of freshly washed hair in the air as well.

With no small amount of trepidation, Alex opened his eyes, seeing the ceiling above him. He eased out of the bed before turning back to the woman still asleep in it.

Brown hair, a purple dress... and a wand. How nice of her to visit.

Alex eyed the woman again before snatching the wand from the thigh holster, keeping a firm grip on it. That appeared to be where his luck ran out, for the woman had been woken from her doze.

Suppose it doesn't matter; it's not like I'd be able to use the wand.

"Good morning, Alex," the woman said.

"Credentials?" Alex said, backing to the desk.

"I was expecting you to be happier about waking up with a beautiful woman."

"One that I know wasn't there when I went to bed?"

The woman smiled. "Touché. You already know who I am. The Heart of Hogwarts was the first part of the school to be built, but there was already a castle on the site, mostly in ruins. None were sure how to begin, until the Heart was proposed. It was to be a sanctuary, a retreat. It was then Helga proposed that the Heart be the source of Hogwart's magic, able to command it—so if Hogwarts were ever taken by the enemy, the Heart could withdraw the magic, reducing Hogwarts to a mere muggle dwelling. So it was spoken, intended and done."

"What of it, Purple Master?" Alex said.

The Purple Master blushed. "The Heart holds more than magic, Alex. It holds some measure of power from the Morphin Grid. It waits to release that power upon Hogwarts, when Muggles and Wizards unite against the evil that comes to attack in the time of the Clans: the Orange Cat, the Yellow Deer, the Green Fox, the Blue Horse, the Red Lion, the Purple Wolf and the White Light."

The Purple Master moved her hand and Alex caught a glimpse of a circle around a triangle before it faded.

"Why do I have the feeling that you're to blame for that?" Alex said.

"...because I am?" the Purple Master said.

But Alex wasn't paying attention.

It wasn't her fault. She was just the means to an end.

What means?

The Heart was going to get the measure of power anyway. It was lucky that it could be channelled through the Purple Master, for there was no ley line of power present before that day. It could have been... unpleasant had she not been there.

Alex looked at the Purple Master. "You're in the clear. Any other news?"

The Purple Master shrugged. "Bugger if I know. I've given you the information you need; Trini's told you about the prophecy. There's nothing bad going on yet. And when it is... you know. We'll be yelling at you."

"I don't like the sound of that 'yet'," Alex said, handing the Purple Master her wand.

The Purple Master stowed her wand back in the holster. "If you get bored or something, fire me off an email. We can do lunch, do some shopping. I'd like a new dress."

Alex blinked and in an instant, the Purple Master was gone, the bed back to normal. Shaking his head, Alex turned to the computer. Best to get this information down with the information about the prophecy before it went stale.

The Yellow and Purple Masters looked at each other.

"Is it really going to get worse?"

"They've never yet prevented Rito from following through with MasterVile's orders. Not even Rito's inherent stupidity stopped him that time. It will happen and darkness will fall."

"What happens after that?"

The Yellow Master hesitated. "Azkaban will be taken and so shall the stage be set."

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