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Book One: Prophecies, Pack and Pizza
Chapter 2: Green With Evil, Purple With Honour

by Alex Collins

Author Notes: Thanks to Scott and Shamrock Holmes for their help when it was given for this chapter.

Another chapter, another list of things to state about the Meledon Phoenix universe, this time almost completely contained to the Ranger side of the equation.

1. I have changed some things within the GWE miniseries to better suit my own needs, specifically, the order of some events and Tommy's evil persona. Also, Billy's not so technobabblish as well.

2. This contains references from Kyôryû Sentai Juurenjâ or, if you prefer, Dinosaur Task Force Zyuranger. I recommend here to pinpoint the references.

3. The information relevant to the holidays and customs of the Jewish people was sourced from Judaism 101 and from Rabbi Kagan at LeMoyne University, New York.

4. With regards to Power Rangers canon events that transpire within Meledon Phoenix, where necessary I have watched the episodes in question to familiarise myself with the dictated canon.

5. Disregarding speech, 'Rangers' is all morphed Rangers; 'Colour' Ranger is respective morphed Ranger; 'Name' is civilian or morphed with helmet off.

Meledon Phoenix: Prophecies, Pack and Pizza
Chapter Two: Green With Evil, Purple With Honour

A Short History of Rita Repulsa

From the start, it was an almost foregone conclusion that the M51 galaxy would fall to the onslaught of Master Vile, who sought the power of the Zeo Crystal. Two sorcerers escaped with the Zeo Crystal and hid it from Master Vile—for this, they paid with their lives. Although the Zeo Crystal was out of Vile's reach, he still finished the conquest of the M51 galaxy and then settled down to raise his family. He had a daughter and a son, both of whom were raised in the ways of evil.

His daughter was called Rita Repulsa. For nearly thirteen thousand years she grew up, nurtured and trained in evil, becoming a feared sorceress. On what Earth humans would understand as her sixteenth birthday, Rita began her path of conquest. For the next two hundred years she encountered little resistance as she gathered allies and subjugated resistances on various planets in the M51 galaxy by order of her father Vile.

Rita was not content to stay within the M51 galaxy forever and thus she gathered her allies and moved against a planet, thinking to conquer it easily—only to meet a rebel faction known as the Order of the Meledon. Although she was a sorceress, Rita had no knowledge of the Morphin Grid, which is a trifold plane of energy—Light, Shadow and Dark—that permeates the universe. As she served the Darkness, Rita drew her power from the Dark sectors, like her father and mother before her. The Order of the Meledon drew from the Light sectors of the Morphin Grid, since they served the Light.

When Rita had learned of the Morphin Grid, she swore to eradicate it. Thus the battle that followed became known as the War of the Grid—a name that continues to this day to describe—if improperly—the never ending war of Light against the Darkness.

The Order of the Meledon was commanded by an Eltarian sage called Zordon, who would later be known as the finest commander in the universe. Under his command, the Order of the Meledon fought back against Rita, using all they possessed. Two hundred and thirty-five years into the war, Zordon came across a map that supposedly led to a lost temple hidden beneath the Desert of Despair. Leaving command to the Master Warrior of Phaedos, Dulcea, Zordon and Alpha went to see if the Keeper of the Temple of Power, Ninjor, would aid them.

They did not find Ninjor. But they found a chest containing six Power Coins. These coins drew from the Light sectors of the Morphin Grid, transforming those that held them into a supernatural fighting force. Taking them back to the Order of the Meledon, Zordon chose six warriors who then became the first team of Power Rangers.

And the war went on.

It was a severe blow when the Green Ranger was captured and tortured to her death, for Rita now had the Green Power Coin. Desperate, Zordon struck a bargain with Rita: a coin toss for the fate of the universe. She agreed. By using the five Power Coins he still had, Zordon won the coin toss. Rita, unhappy with the results, double crossed Zordon by trapping him in an interdimensional time warp. His final act before Rita's spell fully activated was to trap her and her minions in a 'space dumpster'.

For the most part, the two thousand year war was over—although individual worlds still fought for freedom, those battles were confined to those worlds. The first—and last—universal battle had ended. Zordon had himself posted to Earth, where a Command Center was built. Once that task was done, the Order of the Meledon dispersed, never to be in contact ever again.

Millennia passed, bringing events with it both on Earth and in the universe that Zordon, 'asleep' in suspended animation had no knowledge of. The civilisation of Phaedos was wiped out. Rangers—powered by other sources—came into existence, fought their battles and passed on their powers when the time came or when their enemy had been dealt with.

The Order of the Meledon had not understood why Zordon had chosen to come to Earth.

Rita's space dumpster had, through unfortunate chance, landed on the moon that orbited Earth.

It was only a matter of time before it was opened by unsuspecting beings.

Thursday, August 23rd, 1984.

After Ten Thousand Years

It was meant to be a routine moon landing mission.

The flash of a jewel in the distance changed all that.

The two astronauts on the mission were intrigued—could this be evidence of alien life within the universe? They broke into a haphazard sort of run and reached a dumpster within minutes. It took some experimentation, but after touching the jewel embedded into the lid, the lid slid right off—and four lights flashed out, reforming into alien beings in the near distance.

The astronauts took this as a good sign to run away, especially when a fifth alien being was helped out of the dumpster before turning on the dumpster and destroying it with a blast of red light.

The names of the two astronauts on this particular mission were never released to the public. Indeed, as time went on, most people would forget that it was because of humans that Rita Repulsa was released to continue her plans of universal domination.

Mojave Desert—The Command Center

In the mountain ranges that separated Angel Grove from the Mojave Desert, a structure hid away from everyone, protected by complex technology. It was in this structure that Zordon of Eltar and his trusted assistant, Alpha 5 resided.

Zordon looked down at Alpha—a fully sentient, multi-functional automaton—from his energy tube. "We do not have much time, Alpha. Show me the destined teenagers."

"Right away, Zordon," Alpha said, utilizing a console.

Angel Grove—The Juice Bar

Kimberly Hart was dressed in a pink leotard, practicing her gymnastic moves on the balance beam. She placed one foot in front of the other; her arms positioned for balance as she pivoted on one foot and threw herself forward into a handstand, continuing to carry her weight forward. Once she was certain her balance had been re-established, she grabbed her hair from her shoulders and repinned her brown locks into a bun.

"Stupid mother," she said to herself. "Thinks pins are so much more fashionable than a hairtie—that's the last time I listen to her. Stupid pins keep coming out."

Just beyond the balance beam, Trini Kwan sat in meditation, her almond eyes opened but not looking at anything in particular. With skill and grace, the young Asian rose and segued into a kata, her movements swift and sure. Finishing her kata, she bowed to her opponent and picked up her yellow jacket, throwing it over her yellow and gray striped tank top.

"Be careful, Kimberly," she called out, receiving a nod before she turned to observe an informal lesson.

Jason Lee Scott and Zack Taylor circled each other before Jason launched a roundhouse kick, which Zack ducked to avoid before coming back up and kicking out himself. It was a good match, if slightly uneven: Jason was built with muscle and although Zack had an advantage with his lean frame and better agility, they both knew Jason would kick Zack's butt every time.

"Give up?" Jason said.

"Not yet," Zack said, grinning, kicking out at Jason. Jason easily caught his foot.

"Now, twist around so you're facing away," Jason said, before his muscles rippled with strength as he heaved Zack's foot up. Zack had only a moment to launch off with his other foot, but he tucked his body into itself, performing a flip in the air. As he landed on his feet, having executed the flip recovery, Jason nodded.

"You've got it, Zack."

"Thanks for teaching me, Jase."

Over by the counter, Billy Cranston had a book open as he scribbled various equations on a piece of paper. He wore a karate uniform with a white belt, but seemed to have forgotten about that as he studied his equations. Pushing his glasses back on his nose, Billy put his work away and turned around to look at Jason.

"Yo, Billy!" Zack said. "What's up?"

Before Billy could answer, Zack and Jason were joined by Kim and Trini. Billy gladly joined his friends and looked at Zack.

"Well, I think I'm mentally and physically prepared for my first karate class," Billy said.

Any further talk was halted by the arrival of Farkus Bulkmeier and Eugene Skullovitch: an overweight, insecure bully and his tall, stringy parrot—that is, sidekick and co-bully. They fancied themselves as suave connoisseurs of just about anything, apparently oblivious to the fact they came off as moronic, blithering twits.

"What do you girls say to a double date?" Bulk said.

Skull laughed—it was reminiscent of a hyena—and echoed Bulk. "Yeah, what about it?"

"Forget it," Trini said. It was best to be blunt with these two—politeness never worked.

"We're not good enough for you?" Bulk said.

"Yeah, we're not good enough for you?" Skull said.

"Leave us alone, Bulk," Trini said.

"Yeah? Make me," Bulk said.

"Yeah," Skull said. "Make me."

"You heard what she said," Zack said, placing a hand on Kim and Trini's shoulders in support.

"Shut up, nigger," Bulk said, his eyes narrowing.

Zack's hands tightened on the girls' shoulders. He hated the racial epithet—as much as he tried to tell himself that Bulk and Skull were ignorant morons and the word should mean nothing coming from them, it still cut deep each time.

No, Not That! Not Teenagers!

Zordon had seen enough. They were the ones destined to be Rangers and they appeared from this small interaction to know and like each other. There had been many teams that achieved greatness with much less.

"Keep an eye on them, Alpha. At our first opportunity, we must bring them here."

"Ay-yi-yi! Zordon, why them?"

"It has been foretold, Alpha. Only they are capable of defending Earth."


Anything more the little robot would have said was cut off as an earthquake began to shake the foundations of the base.

"Rita has begun her attack. Alpha, summon the Rangers."

Alpha moved to a console, pressing a few buttons.

Seconds later, five white streams of light coalesced into the five teenagers that Zordon had observed.

"This place isn't exactly the mall, is it?" Kim said.

Her question went unanswered as the teens spread out, exploring the Command Center. They were impressed with the technology, especially Billy. He moved over to a console, intending to determine their location.

"Don't touch the consoles!" Alpha said, causing the teens to spin around and miss the appearance of Zordon in the energy tube.

"Welcome," Zordon said. His voice was deep and rumbling and the teens spun around again.

"Who are you?" Jason said, his arms folded over his chest.

"No, what are you?" Kim said.

"I am Zordon, an interdimensional being caught in a time warp," Zordon said.

"And I am Alpha Five," Alpha said.

"Excuse me," Kim said, "but would like somebody come back to Earth and pick me up because I am totally confused."

The others echoed similar sentiments.

"The planet is under attack," Zordon said. "You five have been brought here to defend your world."

"Yeah, right," Zack said.

"Why us?" Trini said, looking thoughtful. "Why not any other five people?"

Zordon looked down at Trini, pleased with her perception. "Your destinies as Earth's defenders were foretold," he said.

"No way," Kimberly said. "I don't believe in fate."

"Look to the Viewing Globe," Zordon said, proceeding to tell them about Rita.

"How do we fight this Rita?" Billy said.

In appropriately coloured flashes of light, palm sized devices appeared in their hands, each bearing a coin with a design raised on it.

"What are these?" Zack said, looking at his.

"You will be given powers that draw from the ancient creatures you know as dinosaurs," Zordon said. "Those are your Power Morphers. When you are in danger, raise them to the sky, calling on the name of your dinosaur to morph into a formidable fighting force known to one and all as the Power Rangers."

He went on to explain the nature of the power they would hold, the weapons and the DinoZords, but it was to no avail—Zack and Kim left together, followed by Billy and then Trini. Jason left as well, but only after Zack called back to him.

But all of them had taken the Morphers with them.

It's Morphin Time!

The five teens were now about twenty minutes into Mojave Desert, trying to find a pathway that led back to civilisation.

"Guys, he wanted us to save the world," Jason said. "We should do it."

"I don't believe in fate, like Kim said," Zack said, shaking his head. "He said we were destined."

"Then why did we leave?" Trini said.

"We were talking to a giant floating head!" Zack said.

Without warning, a nearby rock formation exploded, sending them to the ground. As they stood up, they were surrounded by a group of about twenty Putties—grey humanoids with black clawed vertical stripes along their sides, with gloves and boots of a darker grey material.

Two Putties grabbed Kimberly and the fight was on, Jason and Zack taking nominal charge of an offense against the Putties.

Billy was the first to be overwhelmed, falling under the cover of a rock formation. The Putties soon threw Kimberly at Billy, allowing him to grab her breasts—purely to prevent her from falling on top of him. It was quite possibly the best moment of the young genius' life, even more so when Kimberly said nothing about him touching her or about how he'd kept touching her for longer than was necessary. Zack was thrown at them, followed by Trini.

Jason was the last, taking down three Putties with him before ending up with his friends. None of the five knew what the Putties were, aside from enemy combatants, but Jason wasn't about to let them win the fight. He looked about for his Morpher, feeling it pop into existence in his hand.

"Zordon said these Power Morphers would give us power," Jason said. "Let's do it!"




"Saber-toothed Tiger!"


Such was the inauspicious beginning of the Power Rangers. The battle that day was of no consequence in the long run—it was a test of their capability and strength. Depending on one's outlook, by winning the battle, they had won or they had lost. In any case, they had come together to form as fine a group of superheroes as there had ever been. The five of them had been through an extraordinary experience together. They needed each other now and the world needed them.

In the days and weeks that followed, more battles ensued. Some of them were more tests, but regardless, the Rangers found themselves fighting for their lives each and every time, which was an unwelcome development. They'd all understood that they were fighting for their world, for the six billion other lives on the planets—it had just never been thought they would have to fight to keep themselves alive.

This point, however, had not yet been driven home all the way.

Rita's next plan would perform that unhappy task.

Monday, October 1st, 1984.

Rita's Moon Palace—Finster's Laboratory

"I have the Green Power Coin," said Rita, her brow furrowed in thought. "But when should I use it against Zordon and those Power Brats of his? To determine the right moment is vital."

"My Queen," said Finster—a white doglike alien and Rita's monster creator—respect evident in his tone. "The White and Purple Power Coins are not in current use by the Rangers. They could be useful to us."

"But neither side has them, you moron!" Rita said. "If they even exist. The Order of the Meledon only ever used six coins. It is impossible they could have had more coins and not used them. The Green Ranger's death procured me the Green Coin, leaving the five that were in the possession of Zordon of Eltar, when Zordon rigged the coin toss that decided the fate of the universe. No, I only have one coin at my disposal."

Finster decided not to mention she, technically, was the one who had done the doublecrossing by sticking Zordon in the time warp and continued. "What of the ancient tales of the Trphi warriors, my Queen? The ones who could draw power from the Morphin Grid itself without harm? A Trphi warrior could take power from the coins without having them, my Queen. And if you could find such a person as well as someone who could take the Green Power Coin, we would have two warriors."

Rita contemplated. Trphi warriors had become rarer and rarer in the years of the War of the Grid. It was no surprise—their abiity to draw power from the Morphin Grid burned them out sooner or later.

"What are the chances of finding two people?" Rita said.

"To hold the Green Coin, the chances are eighty-nine percent, my Queen, if you wish to be highly selective," Finster said. "As for a Trphi warrior, it is unlikely that one could be found on Earth. If there was, it is my belief that you would have to limit the usefulness of such a warrior by force-activating the Trphi ability, my Queen."

Rita paused. In the time of the War of the Grid, some Trphi warriors had their ability force-activated. All had been dead ere six months had passed. There was nothing one could do about it—something about the force-activation of the ability sealed one's death warrant.

"So be it," Rita said. "Begin searching, Finster. Find me a Trphi warrior."

"Yes, my Queen," said Finster, sighing. He resolved to keep his mouth shut the next time—every time he opened his mouth, he got something more to do. He had enough to do already, being Rita's creator of monsters and Putty Patrollers.

"Why do I have to search for a person who probably doesn't even exist on Earth?" Finster said as he began to run the search in his laboratory, having decided not to mention any result that occurred until Rita had chosen her Green Ranger. "It is a backwater of a planet, why would anyone have emergent Trphi ability on Earth?"

Tuesday, October 23rd, 1984.

Angel Grove—The Juice Bar

"Welcome to the Angel Grove Martial Arts Expo!"

Jason was dressed in red workout clothes, his dark gaze on the competitor who had signed up for the Expo out of the blue. His friends—Zack, Kimberly, Billy and Trini—stood with him, offering support, but he seemed unaware of it, too focused on the stranger clad in a green singlet and dark green pants. It would be a tough fight, he knew. Anyone challenging Jason in a serious contest was one of two things: a complete idiot or capable of fighting him. Jason didn't think this challenger was the former.

"Angel Grove's finest takes on a new competitor!"

Jason strode on to the mat, facing the teenager. Jason's dark eyes met the stranger's chocolate ones. They bowed and the fight was on.

Rita's Moon Palace—Throne Room

"Yes! I have found a worthy teen of the Green Ranger Powers!" Rita said, her voice carrying through the palace. "Finster! Have you found a Trphi warrior yet?"

Finster came into the room, nodding to Rita. "I have found a Trphi warrior, my Queen. My belief was correct; you will indeed have to force-activate her abilities."

"Excellent! I shall have two warriors to unleash on the Rangers!" Rita said. "Who is the Trphi warrior?"

"She is a student in the Rangers' grade," Finster said. "Adira Wasserman, weapons expert. Her only drawback currently is that she is short. She is even shorter than the Pink Ranger. I believe I can make her taller if necessary."

"When you say short, how short do you mean? I do not want a pipsqueak," Rita said.

"The Pink Ranger is five feet two. Adira Wasserman is four feet five," said Finster. "There is apparently no reason for this at all that I can determine. I can add one foot to her height, however—I strongly suggest that I do so, for there cannot be many four feet five people who have her proficiency with weapons; the Rangers would be sure to suspect her."

"Very well. You will do so when we capture them," Rita said. She had half turned to leave before she turned back. "Wait. There is time enough—I believe I may look in my libraries for a spell that can be integrated into the rituals I will use to enspell her obedience. One more will not hurt."

Finster watched her go, returning to his laboratory.

Angel Grove—The Juice Bar

"You did well, Jason!" said Trini.

"I didn't win," said Jason. His eyes fell on a girl who sat awkwardly at a table, studying a very thick book. Feeling the gaze, she looked up at Jason, brilliant green eyes meeting his before her lips curved into a smile. Shaking her black tresses back over her face, she turned back to her book.

"Who is that?" Jason said, abruptly noticing that she seemed rather short from where he was looking.

"Adira Wasserman," said Billy. "I know her, she's in our grade. There is no explanation for her being so diminutive—personally, I favour radiation affected her DNA or something like that," he added, forestalling Jason's question. "Perhaps in utero."

"In the womb," said Trini, well used to the occassional translation needed.

"But she's about as smart as Kim and very effective with any kind of weapon," said Billy. "Her father had her trained from an early age to use all sorts of weapons, as her stature was not going to help her in hand to hand fighting if she ever got into trouble, she told me once. Unfortunately, her father died not even three months after he started her training." He lowered his voice somewhat and went on. "Since the Power enhances what you bring in, she'd probably beat us one on one morphed."

Jason shook his head. "That might be so, but we'd wipe the floor with her in hand to hand."

"Probably not me," said Billy, as the friends headed out.

"Oh, you're getting better, Billy," Jason said. "You should be able to hold your own."

Wednesday, October 24th, 1984.

Angel Grove

Tommy headed towards home after school, intending to drop his bag and then head off to the Youth Center. He had arranged to meet up with a girl—Kimberly—that he had met that day. He wasn't looking where he was going and when he bumped into someone; Tommy didn't even see who he'd bumped into.

"Down here," came a voice full of resigned irritation.

"Er, sorry," said Tommy, as he looked down at the girl, following her without thinking. "Er... Adira Wasserman, right? I'm Tommy. Tommy Oliver."

"Well, Tommy, perhaps you could look where you're going?"

"I'm sorry," Tommy said once more. "Er... think you could show me how to get to the Youth Center?" he added, changing his mind about heading home.

"Yeah, sure," said Adira. "Where'd you move from?"

"Houston, Texas, but I sort of come from all over the place," said Tommy. "I think we're here to stay, thankfully." By this time, they had moved into a shortcut through two buildings, whereupon several Putties materialised and began to attack them.

Adira snatched up a length of pipe and began beating the Putties up with it, whirling around in circles, whilst Tommy performed several spinning kicks and punches, easily throwing off his attackers, keeping well clear of Adira, who was belting Putties hard with her pipe.

"It's times like this I wish I was as tall as Kimberly!" Adira managed, dropping the pipe and withdrawing a knife from her side.

"Why?" Tommy said, tossing a Putty over his shoulder, too shocked to even question why she had a knife and grabbing a bin lid, sending the last Putty attacking him flying by throwing the lid like a Frisbee into it.

"So I could actually do some martial arts!" Adira said, slashing out at her last opponent. "It's kinda hard to be very effective against taller opponents when you're this short!" However, the two of them had dealt with the Putties and they disappeared.

"Man, why us?" said Tommy as the Putties disappeared. "It's like a bad dream."

"Welcome to Angel Grove," said Adira. "These Putties are normal—" She was cut off as Rita spoke.

"Tommy! Adira! I have chosen you to be my warriors!" Rita aimed her wand at them, causing them to disappear in a green flash.

Rita's Moon Palace—Ritual Room

Rita saw that both Adira and Tommy were in the crystal ball and she began the spell to bind Tommy to the Green Coin and make him hers. She would have to leave Adira until last; getting Adira under her power would no doubt be trickier, since she wanted to manipulate Adira's DNA and force-activate her Trphi ability, neither of which directly related to making Adira evil. She began chanting in an old evil language.

"Receive the Power!" she said, before going back to the old language. "Arise, my Green Ranger!" Rita ended, watching as Tommy sat up on his slab, looking ahead with unnatural calm.

"How can I serve my Empress?" he asked.

"Wait," Rita said, her tone short, turning to study the form of Adira. At last, she began to chant in an even older language, one that even Tommy in his evil state blanched from. He studied the form of Adira, which was glowing golden. Suddenly, there was nothing where her form had been. But as Tommy and Rita watched intently, a speck began to grow. Tommy recognised it for an embryo and watched fascinated, as the embryo became a baby, which began to grow in size.

Thankfully, Adira was clothed in a purple dress and white sandals, which grew as she grew. In the end, Adira Wasserman sat up on her own slab, brushing hair out of her face. The only differences in her were her hair, which was now pure white, her height, now five feet six and an apparent comfortableness in her new body, as if she'd always been such.

"Empress Bandora, how may I serve?" she asked.

Rita turned her attention to Tommy. "Prepare to receive the sixth Power Coin and become my Green Ranger," she said. Tommy held his palm out, watching the coin with the fleur-de-lis that symbolised the Dragon materialise. "Now, morph into the Green Ranger!"

Tommy swung off the slab and as his feet hit the ground, he morphed into the Green Ranger. His spandex suit was normal of the Rangers, with a golden shield on his chest. The helmet was also standard, the Dragon's open mouth forming the visor.

"Wow, nice duds," said Adira. "Do I get some?"

"Patience," said Rita, her mind gleeful. "You do not get a coin, but you have something better. Look within yourself for the Morphin Grid. When you find it, isolate the active Green Ranger Powers." Adira made no movement or any response, but soon her hands crackled with green energy and then Green Ranger demorphed without warning.

"What the hell happened?" Tommy said.

"Your friend there controls the Morphin Grid," Rita said. "She can force demorph the Rangers when morphed, as just demonstrated." She turned her head to see Adira morph into the Green Ranger and remove the helmet. "And she can morph into any Ranger without the Coin! Demorph!" she added, directing it to Adira, who complied. "Now search for the powers at rest, not residing within a host."

"I sense two lots of Powers," Adira said. "The White and the Purple Powers."

"They are at your disposal," said Rita. "As Rangers, you can now enter the Command Center. There you will disable Zordon and then destroy the Power Rangers. Jason, the Red Ranger. Zack, the Black Ranger. Kimberly, the Pink Ranger. Billy, the Blue Ranger. And Trini, the Yellow Ranger." As she ended, Tommy morphed silently into the Green Ranger and Adira closed her eyes, focusing.

Adira screamed, her skin burning with white flames. A few seconds later, the flames dissipated, allowing Rita to send a healing spell over Adira's form.

"The White Powers will not let me access them," Adira said. A moment later Adira was morphed into the Purple Ranger. The costume matched Tommy's exactly through her manipulations of the Power, though her shield was silver to his gold.

"To the fall of Zordon and the destruction of the Power Rangers!" Green Ranger said, his voice dark and evil.

Her hands crackling with purple energy, Purple Ranger laughed, her own voice as cold as ice. "Five little Rangers, all in their Zords. Along came the Dragon and his mate. Four little Rangers, all in their Zords..."

"You know what to do," said Rita.

"Your wish is our command," they said in unison, teleporting out in sickly purple and green smoke patterns.

The Command Center

The two of them materialised inside the Command Center. Purple Ranger's gloved hands crackled and she shot Alpha with a blast of Morphin energy, shutting the android down. Zordon was startled out of his meditative trance by Alpha's one utterance of 'Intruders!' and he gazed down at the two warriors.

"How are you two here? No one may enter undetected without a Power Coin," Zordon said.

"We have a coin!" said Green Ranger, his tone triumphant as he held the Green Coin out. "We have a coin and we have the Power!"

"Rita has chosen a warrior to give it to," said Zordon.

"There's nothing you can do to stop us," said Purple Ranger. "She is our Queen."

"Tommy, she has you under an evil spell. Let me help. I can save you," Zordon said. Green Ranger laughed, looking around the Command Center, opening panels roughly and causing sparks to fly. Purple Ranger's hands crackled again and with a gleeful laugh, she sent Morphin energy all over the consoles, shorting them out. The two looked at Zordon's tube, where he had lost contact.

"You go," Purple Ranger said to Green Ranger. "I'm going to destroy the place." Green Ranger laughed, nodded and teleported out. Purple Ranger's hands crackled again with energy as she looked around. Suddenly she whirled and blasted the Viewing Globe, before whirling again and blasting the plasma tube, laughing as both simultaneously exploded. She built up the energy again and this time began targeting the consoles individually, watching each console explode into a thousand pieces.

Alpha's systems rebooted him and taking in the horror, he quickly made himself scarce, disappearing into a lower chamber, not wanting to be destroyed himself. At long last, Purple Ranger ceased and surveyed the damage, taking in the thousands of wires, electronic pieces, shards of metal, plastic and glass that covered the Command Center, which was a smoking ruin now. She held up her hand again, creating a large ball of energy that grew larger and larger as Purple Ranger prepared to teleport. Barely two seconds after she was gone, the ball exploded in a large cacophony of noise and tremors that were heard and felt in Angel Grove, bringing the Command Center in on itself, leaving it ruined and unsalvageable.

Angel Grove—Cranston Residence

"Tommy was supposed to meet me," said Kim as she and Trini walked to Billy's house. Trini could see that Kim was rather bummed by the no show.

"Don't worry, Kim," said Trini. "He's probably just lost. He is new." By now, the two had made their way to Billy's house, where they found the other teens washing the RADBUG—a Volkswagen Beetle that Billy had modified with Ranger technology. It was capable of taking them anywhere on the planet's surface and could go from zero to three thousand in two point eight seconds.

"Hey guys!" Trini called, just as a distantly loud explosion reached their ears, followed by a sudden tremor in the earth, causing them to grab on to something steady for support.

"What was that?" Kim said as the noise and tremors died down. "Could that have been an earthquake?"

"Negative," said Billy. "At least, there wasn't warning of one around this time, though it is entirely possible that the fault predictions for seismic activity may have been abortive. I'd say, inferring from the clamour and tremors, that there was a detonation somewhere. Either it was very detrimental and went off in an outlying position to Angel Grove, or it was local to Angel Grove and not so injurious."

"A bomb exploded and it could have been far away and very destructive," said Trini, "or it was close by and not very destructive."

"And Billy thinks those are the two options, based on the noise and shakes we experienced," said Zack.

"Affirmative," said Billy.

"Any idea of what direction, Billy?" asked Jason. Billy looked around, making a few mental calculations as he scanned the east. Reaching a decision he didn't like, judging by the way he paled, he lifted his communicator to his mouth.

"Alpha, Zordon, come in. This is Billy. Do you read me?" Static was the only reply.

"You think it was the Command Center?" Kimberly said, a horrified expression crossing her face.

"I'm betting on it," said Zack as Billy nodded.

"It came from the portion of the desert where it is located, Kim—as near as I can tell. At least, I'm pretty certain that it came from the north-east and to the best of our knowledge, its locale is in that direction."

"Teleportation's down," said Jason, tapping his communicator. "We're stuck."

"Not necessarily," said Kim. "We can morph and run there, couldn't we? And doesn't morphed mode have its own teleportation system? We could use that."

"The Zords do," said Billy. "And I think it would be good to go in morphed. I think we should morph, Kimberly can call the Pterodactyl, and we can teleport into the Zord, or at least onto it for us four. We can hold on while Kim just does a straight flight."

They looked at Jason, who nodded. Looking around, they prepared to morph.

"It's Morphin Time!" said Jason forcefully.




"Saber-toothed Tiger!"


At once, they took off running down the streets. "I need Pterodactyl DinoZord Power, NOW!" Pink Ranger shouted. Within seconds, the Pterodactyl was flying above and as one, they teleported up, Pink Ranger landing in the cockpit, the others on the back.

"Hold on guys," Pink Ranger said. "We're going north by north east!"

The Dragon and His Mate

Thanks to the speed of the Zord, the Rangers were soon standing outside the Command Center's ruins, watching as tendrils of smoke rose from the ruins. They unbuckled their helmets, looking around with horrified expressions.

"Who did this?" Zack said, looking around at the ruins. "The entire place's shot to hell!"

"Whoever trashed the place did it from the inside out," said Trini. "The structure's fallen in on itself." She picked up a piece of stone, which had cracks running all over. "The inside of this place is going to be useless."

"What about Zordon and Alpha?" said Kim.

"We've got bigger problems," said Jason, pointing out towards Angel Grove. "Goldar's grown and he's in Little Japan, I think."

At a look from Jason, Kim teleported back to the Pterodactyl DinoZord. Once she had re-materialised, she magnified the view of Goldar—a humanoid monkey from Titan. He was a formidable opponent, unhindered and protected by his bulky gold armour—and the only one of Rita's underlings able to take on the entire team of Rangers.

"You're right, Jase," Pink Ranger said. "We need MegaZord Power, in Little Japan."

"We need DinoZord Power, NOW!" the four currently Zordless Rangers shouted. The four Zords were soon on the scene as the Rangers boarded them, and within minutes, the MegaZord Battle Mode was activated and ready for a battle that no Ranger thought they were likely to win this time around. After all—they had no idea of who had done the damage.

And so the battle began. The Rangers barely managed to hold their own, Goldar was being more aggressive than he'd ever chosen to be before.

"He's got some sort of ace," said Red Ranger, parrying a blow. "Just what it is, that's what we don't know."

"He does indeed," said a voice. "He's got us."

"Okay, who was that?" asked Yellow Ranger warily.

"It was us, Yellow," said a second voice. "Why don't you five just demorph?" In five flashes of light, the Rangers demorphed, the MegaZord deactivating and going to their respective hiding places as the teens fell to the ground. The Rangers landed hard on the ground, noting they were morphed again.

"What the hell just happened?" asked Black Ranger. "I'm pretty sure we demorphed without wanting to, fell from the Zords and now hit the ground morphed. Not that I'm ungrateful, hitting the ground morphed was probably safer than hitting it demorphed..."

"Well, where are your manners?" came the second voice as the speaker walked up to them. It was Green Ranger and his tone was somewhat amused. "Why don't you thank my friend? After all, she's why you were morphed to hit the ground in the second place."

"Something tells me she's why we were demorphed in the first place," Red Ranger ground out.

"True, true," came the first voice, as Purple Ranger appeared next to Green Ranger. "So I demorphed you and remorphed you. Big deal. I'll take Pinky and Blue."

"I'll take the others," Green Ranger agreed. He ran at Red Ranger, performing a spinning kick that brought Red Ranger down, before ducking and sweeping Yellow Ranger's feet from underneath her. He turned to Black Ranger and punched him solidly in the stomach, before kicking him savagely between the legs—this unfair attack left Black Ranger down and out. He returned to Yellow Ranger, snapping her ankle in two with a kick and turned to face Red Ranger, who was making sure Yellow Ranger was fine.

Meanwhile, Pink Ranger had leapt for Purple Ranger, her Blade Blaster drawn and firing. To her shock, Purple Ranger absorbed the energy, blasting Blue Ranger with it.

"You fight dirty," said Pink Ranger, circling her with caution.

"It's not bad to use your talents, Pinky," said Purple Ranger. "But as you will." A purple amethyst hilt appeared in her hand, a wavy blade of energy coalescing into some sort of steel. Although it was only sixteen inches long, Pink Ranger knew it was dangerous to her.

"Katana to Ptera Arrows?" Purple Ranger said, before twirling and slashing through Blue Ranger and then Pink Ranger. Pink Ranger had withdrawn her Blade Blaster and parried the strike; though she had no time to mount an attack, for Purple Ranger slashed her across the chest and spun to face Blue Ranger.

"Blue boy," Purple Ranger said. "Why don't you come over here?" Blue Ranger had his Power Lance at the ready, but his blow was parried and then he felt a sickening crack against his helmet as Purple Ranger smashed her katana against his head. Then the entire battlefield paused as Purple Ranger grabbed Pink Ranger tightly.

Pink Ranger resumed civilian form, her head pulled up sharply as Purple Ranger pressed the katana to her throat.

"Demorph, or Mei gets it," Purple Ranger said coldly.

"What?" said Red Ranger.

"I do believe you heard me, Red Ranger," said Purple Ranger. She reached down to Kimberly's hand and held it gently. Then without warning, she tightened her grip, crushing it brutally. Kim cried out in pain and Blue Ranger quickly scanned it.

"Every bone is broken, excepting the finger bones, the muscles are torn and blood vessels are bleeding all over the place. She needs a hospital," he reported, demorphing as he spoke. The others reluctantly followed suit, Jason with a dark expression clouding his face. Fortunately for Trini, her ankle had speed healed and she could at least stand and walk on it, though it would be very sore for a few days.

"Give us Kim," Jason said, his voice steel.

"Gladly," said Purple Ranger, shoving her towards Billy. Kim fell short, though and Billy caught her by her crushed hand, having no choice otherwise. She cried out again, tears now streaming, but huddled close to Billy as she stood shakily up.

"My Queen... do I understand correctly?" asked Green Ranger suddenly.

"As you wish, Empress," they chorused. And in a flash, they were gone, Kimberly remorphing. Kim called the Pterodactyl DinoZord, watching it hover above.

"One of them, I'm guessing Purple Ranger, can make us demorph temporarily," said Billy after Kim powered down. "That'd explain why Kim just remorphed and also how we remorphed before hitting the ground. Trini, I'm heading to the Command Center to see if I can do anything. Will you come with?"

"Of course," Trini said. The two morphed and teleported to the Pterodactyl DinoZord, flying out.

"And we'll take Kim to the hospital," said Zack to the empty air and Jason, morphing. "We'd best take her in as Rangers." Jason morphed as well, for now content to follow orders rather than give them.

"Zack?" said Yellow Ranger, over the comm. lines. "Talk to Jason, get him to realise it's not his fault. He's probably upset and angry over how this fight turned out."

"Will do, Trini," said Black Ranger. "But for now, we've got to get Kim to the hospital. She doesn't look so good."

Angel Grove Hospital

"We need a doctor!" yelled Red Ranger, hurrying into the Emergency department, carrying Kim in his arms.

"What happened?" said a nurse, calling for a bed.

"Rita's henchmen chose her as a hostage—they were prepared to slit her throat. They let her off with a crushed hand," said Black Ranger. "She seemed to be dealing with the pain until about ten minutes ago and then she just passed out."

Red Ranger placed her on the bed that a nurse hurried up with, looking down at her, his posture slumped in defeat.

"Do you know who she is?" asked the nurse.

"Our records indicate she is Kimberly Ann Hart, a local gymnast," said Black Ranger. He turned back to Red Ranger. "I don't think we should take chances on her becoming a target again—at least until we know why she was a target. They went specifically after her."

"Agreed," said Red Ranger. "I don't know why she was chosen to be a hostage, but better that Rita can't use her again. Stay here with her, I'll get the others to figure out why she was targeted."

Black Ranger nodded.

"Where do you want me to take the bed, miss?" Black Ranger asked, as Red Ranger left the hospital.

"Follow me," the nurse said. Within minutes, Kim and Black Ranger were in what the hospital referred to as the Ranger private room. The windows were bullet-proof glass, blacked over, the door was locked from the inside and there were no cameras monitoring the room. The Rangers were assured of complete privacy, a benefit gained after the Rangers had destroyed three security cameras.

As had become second nature, Black Ranger scanned the room, looking for anything that could betray their secrets. Finding nothing, he unbuckled his helmet and leaned against a wall. Turning his attention to Kim, he saw she was waking up. He tapped his morpher, his helmet reforming in position in a black flash of light. Although the room was always as secure as they could make it, the Rangers exercised paranoia in this regard and made sure that to the best of their ability, nothing could be traced back to their civilian identities.

"Excuse me miss, how are you?" Black Ranger said. "I'm the Black Ranger. You were used as a hostage by Rita's henchmen for some reason; they crushed your hand."

"I'm Kim," Kimberly said, her eyes showing resigned exasperation at the roles they were forced to play. "Why are you here?"

"We think Rita had another reason for using you as a hostage, so I have to protect you," said Black Ranger. Someone began knocking at the door, so with a quick 'excuse me', Black Ranger let the people knocking at the door in.

Maybe Some Reporters Aren't So Bad

Red Ranger walked out of the hospital, looking at the sun, judging it to be about five o'clock. Kim was fine; the hospital would call her parents. As for Billy, he said his father was on some work engagement; Billy wouldn't have to go home at all. So they needed to get a plausible excuse for himself, Trini and Zack to be absent from home, if needed. However, his thoughts were interrupted by the one thing Jason Lee Scott, as well as his friends, had grown to hate ever since becoming a Power Ranger.

A reporter.

"Can this day get any worse?!" he said to himself as the reporter made her way to him. Idly he tried teleportation, but it was no surprise when he didn't dissolve. He sighed and waited for the reporter.

"Red Ranger. November Milton, Angel Grove Daily," she said, tossing her blonde locks to the side and fixing hazel eyes on Red Ranger. "Could you please tell me what is going on now? That flying Zord zooming across our skies for no apparent reason after that explosion? The MegaZord just suddenly deactivating and disappearing? What is going on?"

Red Ranger studied the young woman, quickly recalling what he knew of her. At nineteen, she was one of the youngest reporters on the staff of AGD, with a professional determination that had her getting the best pieces of the paper. When she went after a story, you knew she'd get everything. He sighed.

"You want an interview?" he said. At her nod, he continued. "I'm going to offer you a deal. How would you like to be our official press liaison? You'll get all our interviews and such." He grinned slightly as November's jaw dropped.

"You're not... you're serious?"

"Let me be quite clear, Miss Milton," Red Ranger said. "I don't actually like reporters. Quite frankly, you're all a bunch of annoying vultures. That said, I doubt we can avoid the press for much longer, given the current situation. You're the best of a bad lot that I'd much rather have nothing to do with."

"Thanks, I think," November said.

"I don't have all day, Miss Milton," Red Ranger said in exasperation. "I've made the offer, take it or leave it."

"I'll take it," she said, pulling out a pad and pen as Red Ranger scanned the area, finally heading toward a deserted section of the parking lot, where there were several large trees. He pulled November close and jumped into a tree, setting her down on a sturdy branch. She raised her eyebrows.

"Interesting place for an interview," she said dryly.

"It's really the only choice we have," he said. "And until this mess blows over, we might as well meet here as anywhere else. Don't worry, you'll soon see why. So don't mention it to the world. Let me give you an abbreviated version of the back-story of the time up to here and we can move on to the current situation. And when this is all resolved, you'll have a hell of a story."

"Fire away then, Red Ranger," November said, her pen at the ready.

Mojave Desert—Ruins of the Command Center

"Anything, Billy?" asked Trini as Blue Ranger sat down next to her.

"Negative," said Blue Ranger, demorphing. "The entire place is destroyed. Nothing I've seen can be salvaged and even if it could be, I certainly don't have the time to be repairing it." He held up a device. "This was the only thing I could get working, after crosswiring some circuits and powering it up. We can use it once to heal Kimberly and then it's useless."

Trini exhaled noisily, slumping against Billy.

"As it is, I'm going to be here for the foreseeable future; not that there's really any point," Billy said.

"We don't have Zordon, we don't have Alpha and we have two homicidal Rangers on the loose," said Trini. "Wonderful." She sighed, her eyes looking into the distance. "We're on our own. Completely."

"I don't know what to do," admitted Billy. "This isn't something I can repair easily. I wouldn't even know where to start!"

"I have one question for you, though," Trini said, looking around. "What caused this?"

"At a guess, pure Morphin energy," said Billy. "That's the only logical answer that I can think of; what possible reason could there have been to use a bomb?"

"Well, logic says pure Morphin energy could restart the place if pure Morphin energy trashed it," Trini said.

"Worth a shot," said Billy. "But we'll have to wait until Kimberly is able to join us. Until then, I'm afraid we're stuck. We'll need all five of us to ensure we have enough Morphin energy."

"We'd better morph and go to her, then," said Trini, getting to her feet. "This entire mess is just getting started, if my feelings are correct." The two got to their feet and morphed, boarding Pterodactyl, which they had left nearby.

Rita's Moon Palace—Throne Room

"You have done well, Rangers," said Rita, looking at Adira and Tommy, who were both currently helmetless. "But for now, you should return to your homes. I will contact you if I need you."

"That works all very well for Tommy, my Empress, but I have changed too much," said Adira. "The Rangers would no doubt be suspicious of me, once they encounter me."

"A very good point," Rita said, beginning to think. "I have it! Tommy, you shall take Adira down to the Power Rangers as Green Ranger, bound hand and foot, with her clothes ripped and dirty and tell them that we have had our fun with her."

"Won't they get ideas? I don't want to spend time in a hospital being checked out; I can't be of much use in that case," Adira said. "You could just say you tested some serum on me and voila! The hospital can't do any good and the Rangers will have no choice but to release me—they have nowhere to check me out."

"Do it your way, then," said Rita. "But be ready to come to me, regardless."

Tommy replaced his helmet as Adira demorphed. Green Ranger slashed her clothing with his Dragon Dagger before binding her with ropes of green energy and plunking her over his shoulder.

"You know, Oliver, we are so going to have a talk when we next hook up."

"Just following orders," Green Ranger said, teleporting off and landing in Angel Grove Park. Yellow and Blue Rangers immediately dropped down from the Pterodactyl, having seen the green flash as they passed overhead.

"I'm not here for long, Rangers," said Green Ranger, flinging Adira to the ground. "My Empress wanted the girl to test a serum—you can see for yourself that it has worked. I'll be seeing you around sometime soon." And with that, he disappeared.

"Miss?" said Blue Ranger. "Are you okay? What did they do to you?"

"Apart from increasing my height by thirteen inches, nothing," said Adira. "Bloody bastards caught me after your first fight with them. Who the hell are they?"

"That's what we're trying to find out," said Yellow Ranger, sighin. "Where do you live?"

"I can get home myself," said Adira, waving their concern off. "And you two seemed to be on your way somewhere. I'm fine."

"What about your parents?" asked Yellow Ranger.

"Oh, yeah—my mother will freak out," said Adira. "Well, you both don't need to come, do you?"

"I'll go meet up with Red and Black Rangers," said Blue Ranger, moving off. "We'll regroup later, Yellow Ranger."

Thursday, October 25th, 1984.

Angel Grove High

"Hey, Tommy," said Kim, as Tommy worked at his locker. "I was wondering why you didn't turn up at the Youth Center yesterday."

"Something came up," Tommy said, his tone short.

"All right," said Kim. "I was just worried," she added, running her bandaged hand through her hair.

"What happened to your hand?" Tommy said, deciding to not brush her off.

"Got held as a hostage by one of Rita's henchmen and they crushed my hand," said Kim.

"Same sort of thing happened to Adira Wasserman," said Tommy. "It's all over Angel Grove. Two evil Rangers captured her and Rita forced a serum into her, which only affected her height, or so the Rangers say. Adira says she thinks she heard some white alien of Rita's saying the test was successful and they could use it on the—uh, I think they're called Putties?"

"Oh, wonderful," said Kim. "I think everyone in Angel Grove High has been ambushed by them at least once; serum enhanced Putties will be even worse! How is her mother taking it?"

"Well, her mother is keeping her home like every over protective mother; Adira'll return next Monday. There's also the fact Adira needs a complete new wardrobe now—I believe she and her mom are at Nordstrom's."

"I love that place! Lucky girl!" Kim said with a blissful look on her face.

"And you can't afford it?" Tommy said, grinning.

"Damn straight I can't," Kimberly said, groaning. She was smiling, though. Tommy nodded and left, carrying his books, but not before leaning in close to Kimberly.

"I'm blowing off the last two periods assembly thing, like half of the school, tell Jason we can work out then like we arranged. Or aren't you guys?"

"No, we are as well," said Kim. "I'll tell him." Kim and Tommy parted ways, Kim heading to the lunchroom to meet up with her friends.

"We have to go to base after lunch," said Billy as Kim sat down. "I've thought of a solution, but it'll take all five of us to do it." He sighed. "And if it doesn't work, then we have no hope."

"Then I'd better tell Tommy that I can't work with him like I said I would," said Jason, swallowing his sandwich and standing up. "See you guys at the base."

Rita's Moon Palace—Throne Room

"Now, we must begin stage two of my plan," said Rita. "With the aid of my Rangers, Zordon's Power Rangers will fall, defending a city doomed to destruction."

"We should give the Green Ranger the Sword of Darkness," said Goldar, his tone harsher than usual. "That way, he will remain evil forever."

"Perfect idea, Goldar, I'm glad I thought of it," said Rita, hurrying into Finster's lab. "Finster, do you remember the Sword of Darkness? I plan to give it to the Green Ranger."

"Yes, my Queen," Finster said. "Originally, Zordon possessed it, but when your evil knight defeated Zordon's soldiers thousands of years ago, the Sword of Darkness was taken from Zordon and given to you as a prize. If you give it to the Green Ranger, it has the power to keep him under your spell forever, provided no one destroys it. The problem is, my Queen, Zordon knows this."

"But Zordon's gone and not coming back!" said Squatt—a hobgoblin resembling a cross between a warthog and a blueberry. His main service to Rita was as a spy and saboteur. "That Purple Ranger, she has an attitude—whatever Green Ranger has, she wants the same."

"But she doesn't need a Sword of Darkness," said Rita. "Every time she uses Morphin energy, she's drawing from the Dark side of the Grid. If she were of the Light, she'd draw from the Light side of the Grid. As long as she keeps drawing from the Dark side, she will remain evil. Only if she stopped drawing at all, would she perhaps have a chance to be purified—but she has to draw from the Grid in order to morph."

"So we must give the Sword to the Green Ranger," said Finster. "But to appease the Purple Ranger..." He looked thoughtful for a few moments, then a sword that was more than twice as long as her current weapon appeared in his hand. This weapon had an emerald hilt. "I have a second sword for her. I obtained it some millennia ago—it would go well with her one she has now."

"Are you sure that's a katana? It shouldn't have a straight blade, should it?" said Baboo—a humanoid monkey with vampiric traits. He was an alchemist to Rita and a brilliant one at that. "The blades of katanas are slightly curved, I thought."

Finster sighed. "The Purple Ranger calls her current sword a katana. I have no desire to tell her that her culture would actually know that type of sword as the kris, of East Indian origin. If she has any intelligence at all, she'll look it up—in fact I am surprised that she did not know this already. My point remains: we can appease her with this sword. Her culture knows it as the kampilan, of Filipino origin. I have no doubt she could use two as easily as she uses one."

"They must earn their weapons!" said Goldar. "They are far too valuable to merely give them away. Let them prove their worth to wield such weapons by fighting the Putties!"

"Yes! We'll all go down to Earth together!" said Rita. "And once the Green Ranger holds the Sword of Darkness, he shall be under the power of my spell forever!"

"What about Purple Ranger?" asked Baboo.

"As long as she keeps morphing, she will remain evil," said Rita. "For no one who is good can draw from the Dark Side of the Grid and remain good. Slowly but surely, they will succumb to the evil of the Darkness. Such is the beauty of my enslavement of the Purple Ranger."

Angel Grove Beach

Tommy and Adira landed on the beach, in fighting poses.

"This better be good. I was shopping. And shopping is my third favourite thing," said Adira. "But better yet, I was in the toilets, washing my hands. I have about ten minutes before my mother comes to find me."

"Tell me again why you have this attitude?" Tommy said.

"It's not an attitude, Tommy, it's just the way I am," said Adira. "And perhaps it's a little worse now I'm evil."

"Silence!" said Goldar. "You shall meet a challenge. The two of you must fight the Putties, using only your skills and no weapons and then you will receive weapons of power!"

"Are you ready?" Rita said. "Defeat the Putties! The sooner you do it, the sooner you can go back to your precious shopping!" She put her hand to her head, shaking it. "Why did I ever decide to make my own evil Rangers?"

"Because we deserve to win!" answered Squatt, getting a rap on the head from Baboo for answering such a rhetorical question.

"Golems!" cried Adira as the Putties materialised around them. "Where are the Captain Golems?" She expected no answer as she launched into action. She back flipped away from them before bracing herself on one leg and kicking out with the other, sending a Putty flying onto its back. Adira jumped up and forward, landing between two Putties. One tried to kick her; she blocked, grabbed its arm and flipped him over her shoulder, before punching the other Putty. Her hands glowed purple, she back flipped again and got ambushed by two more Putties. She elbowed one, kicked the other and then swept the feet from under of the first.

Tommy grabbed the leg of one who tried to kick him, flipping it onto its back. Another Putty tried to kick him, he ducked and kicked it back, sending it flying into two more. He dropped to the ground as a Putty approached and he launched his feet at it, sending it into the air, where it crashed heavily into the ground. He punched another with a series of lightning punches, finally leaving it on the ground. He turned to the last, tussled with it but flipped it and delivered a punch to the chest.

"You have earned the weapons," said Rita. In two flashes of light, the Sword of Darkness appeared in Tommy's hands and the kampilan in Adira's.

"Ooh, a kampilan," Adira said, examining it. "This will go well with the kris."

"I thought you called the sword a katana before," Tommy said.

"I went and looked it up in the library, found the correct term," Adira said. "What kind of weapons expert am I if I don't even know the right terms for the weapons I use?"

"Enough!" Rita said. "Now go and deliver the Red Ranger to the Dark Dimension!"

"As you wish, Empress," they chorused.

Angel Grove High

Jason finally found Tommy talking to Adira, who simply nodded at him and took her leave, thanking Tommy for the notes.

"Hey, Tommy," Jason said. "I know we had plans to work out today, but something's come up that I have to attend to right away. It's really important and I'm sorry to bail on you like this—do you mind if we reschedule?"

"I understand," Tommy said. "No problem. I'll see you around, then."

Jason nodded, turned about and began heading out, intending to find a secluded spot to morph and teleport to the Command Center ruins. Tommy frowned, then brought his hand forward, sending a green bolt out of it, which hit Jason, teleporting him to the Dark Dimension in a flash of green and white light.

Jason landed hard on a stone surface, rising heavily to his feet. He looked around, his hands going for his morpher. But to his chagrin, he realised it wasn't there. Fog covered the ground and metal bars crisscrossed the circular holes in the walls, the centre holding some gargoylish type of creature. He tried again for his morpher, still finding it missing.

"Looking for this?" said a harsh voice in a mocking tone.

Jason turned around to see Goldar holding his Power Morpher and laughing. "Shit," he managed, which more or less summed up the situation.

Mojave Desert—Ruins of the Command Center

"Trini!" said Kimberly, as yellow light flared. "Where've you been, girl?"

"I was feeling strange," said Trini. "I realised I'd forgot my necklace this morning; for the life of me I can't remember why I took it off. So I went home and retrieved it."

"You expect us to believe that wearing a simple necklace makes you feel better?" said Zack. "Billy, is that even possible?"

"Scientists are theorising that magnetic forces may be utilized in blocking pain messages," said Billy. "May I examine the necklace, Trini?" He stepped close to her, examining the chain. "Interesting, the chain seems to be pure gold. How long have you had this?"

"As long as I can remember," said Trini.

"And how have you cared for it?"

"I haven't," Trini said. "I've never once bothered to do anything about it. I rarely take it off—sometimes I forget that I'm wearing it."

"But the chain shows no sign of age or wear and tear," said Billy. He took out the pendant attached to the chain, looking at it as he thought. It was a triangle of words, each side two inches long. The bottom word was spirit, the right hand side when worn by Trini was faith and the left hand side word was peace. Inside the triangle of words, hung a black and gold pyramid, each side an inch long, hanging from a thin strip of black metal so that the pyramid's precise centre matched precisely with the triangle's precise centre.

"Interesting," said Billy. "Very interesting. I guess you're lucky it hasn't ever broken."

"While we're waiting for Jason, aside from looking at pendants, can you explain what you intend us to do, Billy?" Zack said, looking at the ruins.

"Affirmative," said Billy. "I have a theory that if we use the Power, channelled through our five coins, we might be able to repair the Command Center."

"Why can't we do it now?" said Kim.

"The Morphin Grid, where the Power comes from, has limitless Power, as I understand," said Billy. "The Coins draw from it and in the event that a Coin's connection to the Grid is severed, the Coin still has energy due to a backup supply. If our Coins have been severed from the Grid, we could morph still, thanks to the backup supply. But if we used it all up, the Coin would no longer be a Power Coin."

"And if we didn't?" said Trini.

"The backup supply would multiply until the reserve was met," said Billy. "The Coin would require reconnection to the Grid, to remove the dependence of waiting for it to multiply. I am concerned that if we do it with any less than five Power Coins, that we would overload the Coins and render them defunct."

"We'd have the Command Center but no powers?" Zack said.

"That would be the best case scenario," said Billy. "Worst case, we might have burnt out the coins without even generating enough power to restore the Command Center to any state from which we ourselves could continue."

"Then what difference do you expect Jason's Power Coin to make?" Trini said. "All of those things could happen even if we had Jason."

"Yes, there is that risk," Billy said. "I believe it to be a small one—the Coins are a team unit of five. I do not think that when they are used in this manner as a team, that there would be any complications."

"Can you explain any better?" Zack said. "I get that less Coins could equal more power which could equal no more Coins. But why does the Coins being used as a team matter so much?"

"I can't say," Billy said. "As I've said, it's just a theory and one that I am unwilling to test, especially in the current situation."

The other teens conceded the point and continued to wait, until Zack shielded his eyes and looked towards Angel Grove.

"Green and Purple Rangers are back," said Zack. "They're Zord sized, in the business district. It's Morphin Time!"




"Saber-toothed Tiger!"

Rita's Dark Dimension

Jason knew the communicators were offline, so he didn't bother to try his, instead devoting time to an assessment of the situation. Goldar held his Power Morpher, carried his own sword and was not an opponent to fight unmorphed if one could avoid it. Jason had no real choice, so he lashed out with a punch and then a kick, which Goldar easily blocked. Jason fell back, then launched into a flurry of punches. Goldar was not able to block all of Jason's punches, but still, Jason realised that punches were not going to be of much use.

Punches are too easily blocked. He's got a height advantage on me. If I could morph, punches would be good, but more importantly; I'd have my sword to use against him. Could I kick him? They'd have to be fast, but they'd probably be effective. Jason anchored himself and then spun into a kick, sending Goldar back a couple of feet.

"Give me my Power Morpher," Jason said. The coldness in his voice could have frozen nitrogen.

"A real warrior would take it from me," Goldar said. Jason's first instinct was to attack, but he drew on his martial arts training to calm himself; to attack when frustrated would not gain him anything. Without warning, he jumped up, kicking Goldar's hand. Goldar grabbed his foot and threw Jason to the ground. Jason sprang to his feet, trying a spinning kick that bought him some space, before Goldar moved in and punched him solidly again, sending him flying back to the metal bars.

"Understand this, Jason!" Goldar said with a growl as Jason got up with care, thinking he might have a bruised rib. "I could finish you off anytime I choose."

"Because you're too much of a coward to face me like a man," Jason said with venom. "You're too scared to have a real fight with me."

"Silence! Only Rita's giving you to me as a reward for faithful service has saved you thus far," Goldar said. "But you should hope I do not tire of you too quickly!"

Jason circled Goldar, watching for a suitable opening.

"You know, Jason, if you had your Power Morpher, you could get out of here," Goldar said.

"What's your point?" Jason said, ignoring the taunt. Goldar dropped the morpher to the floor. Jason kicked out at him, leaping for the morpher, only to be kicked aside into a wall, where he rose, now completely uncertain of where the morpher was. Goldar knocked Jason to the ground, where Jason leapt up, almost immediately, blindsiding Goldar, before dropping out of sight to the floor again, his hands scrabbling for his morpher.

"You can't hide from me forever, Jason!" Goldar said, slamming his sword into the floor as he began to walk around. "I will find you."

Jason shivered as Goldar slammed his sword into the ground barely an inch from his head. Still his hands frantically searched, but the morpher was nowhere to be found.

Angel Grove—Business District

November Milton was hiding behind a section of downed building, writing down more things for her story. Most sane people had left the area, so at least she was guaranteed privacy. She smiled as the MegaZord came to fight, watching the battle intensely. Against two opponents and three swords, the Rangers were doing quite well, managing to parry most blows, but that was all they could do. Still, it kept the evil Rangers from destroying the place.

Suddenly, the Green and Purple Rangers crossed all three swords and sent a bolt of green purple energy at the MegaZord, hitting it and causing the Zords to fall apart. This was almost immediately followed by another bolt of energy, which hit Yellow Ranger and sent her flying into November's shelter, whereupon she demorphed in crackling energy.

"Trini Kwan? You're a Power Ranger?" November said to herself, kneeling down by Trini's form. She got no response and moved her hands such that she could feel a pulse and breathing, except she could find neither. Trini's skin was a shade of greyish white and throwing all caution to the winds, November located Trini's xiphoid process and began cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. "One and two and three and four..."

Even as she worked to save Trini's life, November's mind was starting to put pieces of evidence together to reason out the identities of the other four Rangers. She paid no attention to the fight going on just several feet away. Black, Pink and Blue Rangers had landed on their feet, not having a chance to scan for Yellow Ranger as the Green and Purple Rangers returned to normal size and set into them, hardly giving them a chance to defend themselves.

"Three little Rangers, all in their Zords," said Purple Ranger. "Along came the Dragon and his mate. Two little Rangers, all in their Zords..." The two evil Rangers crossed their blades again, blasting them once more with the green purple energy and the Rangers demorphed into their civilian identities.

"We'll be back," said Green Ranger, before the two of them teleported out. Hearing a soft voice chanting, the three teens began trying to locate it.

"...and fourteen and fifteen and breathe," said November, clamping Trini's nose shut. She fitted her mouth over Trini's and gave her two deep breaths, before returning her hands to Trini's chest. "One and two and three and four..."

"Oh my god, is she dead?" came a voice, which November identified as belonging to Kimberly Hart.

"Not if I can help it, Pink Ranger," November said, giving Trini two more breaths, ignoring the surprised gasp. "Damn you, live, you damnable Ranger! I can't keep doing this; I've got thirty seconds before the three minute mark for brain damage!"

"Remember what I said about overloading the Coins? Forget it," said Billy, bringing out his Power Coin. Zack and Kim nodded, bringing out theirs.




The Power Coins glowed with energy, surrounding Trini's prone form with the power of the Grid. It was enough for Trini to regain consciousness long enough to manage a strained "...saber... toothed... tiger." The Power washing over her became a canary yellow, beginning the process of healing her. Her teammates and November waited in silence. At last, Trini gave a choked gasp and threw up, her eyes tracking rapidly.

"You alive, Yellow Ranger?" November said.

"I think so," Trini said, dragging herself into a sitting position. "How did you know? Who are you?"

"November Milton, your new press liaison, according to your friend Jason. You landed here and returned to civilian form, then collapsed," said November. "Jason told me a little of what's happened—can you give me an update?"

Jason's Battle

Jason heard the crackle of teleportation and gathered from the resulting conversation, that the Green and Purple Rangers were replacing Goldar. When at last he thought Goldar was gone, he gave up searching for the Power Morpher and pulled himself up into a sitting position, immediately finding the Sword of Darkness at his throat.

"So, you were hiding," said Green Ranger. "Rita has sent us to finish you off." He stepped back, allowing Jason to rise.

"Where is your morpher?" said Purple Ranger.

"Goldar had it and it ended on the floor," Jason said, refusing to be intimidated. "I haven't found it."

"Grifforzer had it?" said Purple Ranger. "Then you are unable to morph."

"That'd be about the size of it," said Jason. "Why do you call him Grifforzer?"

"That is his name," Purple Ranger said, summoning her kris and kampilan.

"Right," Jason said. His tone was sceptical. Purple Ranger handed her swords to Jason, who regarded them with suspicion. "You two wear the costumes of the Rangers... though why you two are identical in appearance except for colour, I can only imagine."

"Use them, then. I give you my word of honour that they will not work against you," said Purple Ranger. "We are Bandora's Rangers and she is our Queen."

"She's evil!" Jason said, taking the swords, noting in the back of his mind that Purple Ranger seemed very much taken with the concept of honour.

"So are we," said Green Ranger, immediately attacking Jason, who set about defending himself vigorously, noting that Green Ranger did not seem to be bothered with honour beyond a basic level. Jason was allowed to rise before being attacked and was safe from attacks from behind, but anything else was apparently out of the question, for Jason was blocking very dirty attempts on his life.

They're evil, Jason thought to himself. Maybe Rita has them under a spell. If that's the case, they can't be held responsible for their actions; they are not in control of themselves. He ducked a sword swipe, brought up his weapons to block and then received a painful blow to the ribs, sending him to the floor.

Green Ranger stood ready to drive his sword deep into Jason's heart and as he prepared to do so, he hesitated just for a moment. It was long enough for Purple Ranger. Green Ranger brought his sword down on Red Ranger, creating sparks, but no death. Green Ranger spun to face Purple Ranger.

"I had him until you morphed him!" Green Ranger growled.

"Defeat him in a fair fight and you will be able to kill him honourably," she said.

"You gave him the kris and the kampilan!"

"And you are so stupid as to think that makes the fight fair?" Purple Ranger asked. "He could do no more than defend himself, not having the enhanced strength and such that the Power grants! Honour is important, Rangers! Even evil has honour!"

Red Ranger moved to teleport, but held off on teleporting, watching Green and Purple Rangers debate.

"Rita ordered us to kill him!"

"She did not say we had to do it dishonourably!"

Red Ranger hit his morpher, teleporting out, but not before saying, "You'll have to kill me another day." The two Rangers spun to see him disappear in a flash of red light.

The Power Chamber Revealed

Jason landed at the Command Center ruins, with helmet in hand, demorphing into his civilian gear as he walked up to the group that was sitting around, talking.

"Okay, what the hell happened?" he asked, noticing November's presence.

"The evil Rangers attacked us, causing Trini to demorph after she landed at November's feet. November had to perform CPR to keep Trini alive, we used our Coins to help heal Trini and then came back here," Zack said. "Our secret identities had been blasted apart, so we figured we might as well let our official press liaison get a firsthand look at everything."

"Not that everything is all that much anymore," November said.

"What happened to you?" said Billy.

Jason briefly outlined his experience, before dismissing it, but Trini eyed him for a moment before likewise dismissing it.

"So, are we going to try and restore the Command Center now?" Jason said.

Nodding, the Rangers and November stood up. November chose to stand apart from them and the Rangers formed a five-pointed star, holding their Coins out.




"Saber-toothed Tiger!"


The Power flowed from each coin, before falling to the ground and disappearing into the earth. November approached with caution, but before she could speak, the ground opened up and they all fell down a very long shaft, eventually landing on a bunch of pillows. They got up and took a look around.

"This is the underground of the Command Center," said Trini, sitting down and breathing rapidly. "I'm fine—just want to relax a bit. I just didn't need that fall."

Suddenly, Trini's body was overwhelmed by light and she disappeared, teleporting away. Billy followed and then Kim, Jason and Zack. November looked around nervously, before disappearing herself in a streak of light. She materialized after a few seconds, looking around.

"Welcome to the Power Chamber," came Zordon's voice.

"Zordon!" the Rangers chorused.

"You Rangers have done well," said Zordon. "But still we face the threat of Rita, now strengthened immeasurably by the addition of the two Rangers."

"Could they be under a spell?" asked Jason.

"That is probable, Jason," said Zordon. "The question remains of how a spell, if it has been cast, could be removed. It is possible that Rita is controlling them by another means, but a spell would be the most likely option."

Zordon looked at November.

"November Milton," Zordon said.

"Hello?" November said, in a slight state of shock.

"I am most grateful to you for your work in keeping our Yellow Ranger alive. It would have been quite the blow to lose her."

"No problem," November said. Her mind was spinning. She stuck out her wrist absently as Billy fastened a rainbow coloured communicator on it.

"I must ask you to take an oath never to reveal the identities of the Power Rangers," Zordon said.

"This... is all a bit too much," said November. "A giant floating head?" She took her mind back on track. "An oath. Sure. I won't tell anyone. We settled?" When Zordon nodded, November looked at her communicator, absently tapping it. The Rangers heard a startled yelp and then no more as she teleported out.

"I'll go after her," Kim said with a slight smile.

As Kim teleported off, Zordon dismissed the other teens.

Baptism of Fire—Trini and Jason

Jason and Trini worked in silence, exchanging supportive glances every now and again. After the events of today, neither had been surprised that they both had reached the same decision. After a time, Trini set down her pen.

"It's not perfect, but it'll do," Trini said.

"Same here," said Jason. "My parents went to a lawyer when they went through this. I can just see that happening for us."

Trini smiled a little as the two friends exchanged the papers they had been writing on.

Jason blinked at the simplicity of Trini's paper.

My name is Trinity Elizabeth Kwan. On this day of Thursday, October 25th, 1984, I hereby reject any and all wills made by me prior to this one.

I am dead. Do not mourn. All who are born, die. All who die, are reborn. It is the nature of things. Take of my possessions, earthly and bodily and use them that others might be helped.

Signed: Trinity Elizabeth Kwan.
Date: October 25th, 1984.

"I feel long winded now," Jason said, gesturing at his paper as Trini read it.

My name is Jason Lee Scott. On this day of Thursday, October 25th, 1984, I hereby reject any and all wills made by me prior to this one.

Obviously if you're reading this, I am dead. Right now, I have a reasonable idea of how my death might occur and when it might. If those suspicions are correct, then I would say that only my parents would still be in the dark. If that is true, I only hope that someone will able to tell them of the true circumstances of my death.

Regarding my funeral, I do not wish for anything fancy. Simple elegance will be fitting. I do request that my coffin be draped in symbols of hope, freedom and peace. They are ideals I fight for almost every day of my life.

As for my material possessions, I request that my friends, Zack Taylor, Kimberly Ann Hart, William James Cranston, and Trinity Elizabeth Kwan select items that hold special significance to them, unless they are otherwise marked in this will.

My photos are to be sorted and given out to my friends and relatives.

I would like my karate gear to be given to less fortunate people who wish to take up karate, but who cannot afford the gear, unless my parents would rather to keep it for themselves in my memory.

My few stuffed animals are to be given to less fortunate children, except Tyranno and Ptero. Tyranno is to be returned to Trinity Kwan and Ptero to Kimberly Hart, who originally gave them to me.

All my other possessions are to be dealt with according to my instructions and my parents' wishes.

Signed: Jason L. Scott.
Date: October 25th, 1984.

"You care more about those things, because of your beliefs," Trini said. "I believe different things, so I care less about them." She gave a gentle smile. "Don't worry, Jason."

"It just feels odd," he said, folding his will into an envelope. "I've never really thought about this before. If it hadn't been for Purple Ranger, I'd be dead, skewered through the heart."

Trini nodded. "Why did she save you?"

"Because of honour," Jason said. "I don't get it either."

"Do you think that was her fighting back against the spell?" Trini said.

"Could be," Jason said. "I did find it strange that she cared so much."

"But she can't fight against it forever," Trini said. "I'd imagine that at some point, the spell will prove too powerful."

Trini's words were interrupted by the six tone beep of their communicators.

"Rangers," Alpha said, his voice full of static—for all their advanced technology, they couldn't get a clear signal—"the Green and Purple Rangers are terrorising downtown Angel Grove!"

"We're on it, Alpha," Trini said. "It's Morphin Time!"

For Whom The Bell Tolls

The Rangers spread out, trying to locate where in the strafe of destruction the two evil Rangers were. They didn't have far to go before encountering Purple Ranger, who had her kris to a hostage's throat. The hostage was an African-American female, with white hair due to her age, which the Rangers estimated as closer to sixty than fifty or seventy. And in her hand, a length of wood that had been cleaved in two was visible, the top part hanging down. Somehow the two pieces stayed connected.

"She's a witch," Yellow Ranger said, her voice almost inaudible.

The others didn't 'hear' her comment, lost in the adrenaline rush of battle.

"How nice to see you again," Purple Ranger said, the sarcasm evident. She kept the kris at the throat of the witch she'd captured. "Unless you want her dead, you are going to listen to me."

"Let her go," Red Ranger said.

"I don't think so," Purple Ranger said. "Now, you five are going to demorph and walk out of here."

"What, are you crazy?" Black Ranger said. "Let you evil Rangers cause destruction?"

Purple Ranger twisted her kris and now pressed it into the soft flesh. "You five really think you're in a position to negotiate? I've given you my terms."

The Rangers began to spread out around Purple Ranger, Black and Pink Rangers diverted off to go deal with Green Ranger.

"Let her go," Yellow Ranger said. "She's a civilian!"

"Weren't you proclaiming that even evil had honour?" Red Ranger said. "What's so honourable about killing a defenceless civilian? Let her go!"

"Nothing," Purple Ranger said. "But—"

Blood spurted out in a geyser from the woman's throat and Purple Ranger dropped the body to the ground.

"—she wasn't defenceless."

The Rangers looked on, horrified. There had been civilian injuries during battle and yes, those injuries had led to death in a couple of cases—usually from comas or other head injuries—but this was the first intentional death and the first death they'd personally witnessed.

Everyone stood still—even the evil Rangers.

"Let's go, Green Ranger," Purple Ranger said. In bursts of flames, they disappeared, the destruction around the Rangers reverting back to what it had been—all except for the splatters of blood and the body of the unknown civilian.

Yellow Ranger approached the body, extracting the wand from the hand.

"Trini?" Pink Ranger said.

"Leave," Yellow Ranger said. "I'll be along."

She began to search the body for identification, but before she could find anything, she felt something hit her helmet. Looking up, she saw a creature. After a moment she was able to identify it as a goblin.

"Greetings," she said. "I am the Yellow Ranger. May I know your name?"

"My name is Gorignak," Gorignak said. "We know of you, Yellow Ranger. You will tell us what happened here."

"Our foe, Rita Repulsa, has enslaved two Rangers. It was one of them who killed this witch."

"You understand what she is?" Gorignak said.

"And I understand what you are," Yellow Ranger said. "We do not miss much that happens on this world we protect. I presume you have taken precautions to hide yourself from those you call Muggles?"

"We have," Gorignak said. "If you please?"

Yellow Ranger stood up and moved away.

"I am surprised that goblins were sent to collect her body," Yellow Ranger said. "I understood the goblins were the bankers."

"You understand correctly. Amy Freeman was the highest ranked human in Noxet Bank; as such we kept tabs on her—someone might have decided to hurt her to get at the bank. We knew of her peril but could not get here in time. Farewell, Yellow Ranger. I hope we will not meet again."

"Understood." In a streak of canary yellow, Yellow Ranger teleported off, leaving the goblins to remove the body of Amy Freeman.


Amy Freeman stood up, a blue line extending into the distance.


The blue line was severed, a yellow flash of light emanating from the severing point.


"No, it never did seem a good thing to me."


The Power Chamber

"Her name was Amy Freeman," Trini said once she was back in the Power Chamber and demorphed.

"Wonderful," Zack said, leaning against the wall. "That just makes everything so perfect."

"The sensors lost you for a few minutes," Billy said. "What happened?"

Trini shook her head. "I don't want to talk about it. I... took the body to the family."

Whether or not she was believed, the matter was left to rest.

Angel Grove—Cranston Residence

Billy teleported back into his lab—it was actually the Cranston's unused garage—and stood near the door that connected it to the rest of the house, running his fingers over the cracks in the wooden doorframe. There was much in his head he needed to think about. As was usual his mind defaulted to thinking about what was around him.

He hissed as a splinter ran into his finger.

"Dad really ought to get this door repaired," he said, knowing as he said it why Hank Cranston would not. It served as a reminder to Hank. Billy had been given the lab when he was seven—his mother had told him that anything he found in it was for his personal use and that when he was in the lab and the door was closed, the rule was that he was not to be disturbed if at all possible. He never had been, except on two occasions. The first when Hank came in to tell him his mother was dead. And the second had been a little over two years later.

Billy blinked back a few tears. He'd dealt with all the grief, but remembering still hurt sometimes. For those two years, Billy had been alone as Hank retreated into a world of grief, loneliness and pain. If it hadn't been for his friends, the months would have been much harder. The day when Hank had woken up and realised that he still had a son left to him—the cracks in the door bore witness to Hank Cranston's frenzied attempt to get to his son.

Billy smiled as he recalled the next part. Hank had—out of guilt—promised Billy anything he wanted, expecting that Billy would ask for laboratory stuff. Billy had just wanted to spend time with his dad.

As Billy shook his head to clear it, the door opened, cracking against his skull.

"Are you okay, Billy?" Hank Cranston said as he came in, looking at his son.

"You know, that's why you knock. So you don't give your favourite son a concussion," said Billy, rubbing his forehead.

"You're my only son," Hank said, amused.

"I think I'll be okay," Billy said. "What did you need, Dad?"

"Do you remember a few months back, I was seeing a woman; it was kind of casual?" Hank said.

"Yeah, I remember. Neither of you wanted to meet the other's family because you didn't—" Billy cut himself. "What aren't you telling me?"

"She has suggested marriage," Hank said, treading with caution. "What would you think of that?"

Billy stared at his father. "She what?"

"She would like to get married," Hank said. "But one thing we do agree on is that we will not get married without our children's consent—they will be affected just as much in this union. Her daughter, Adira has given her consent... her exact words were 'Cranston? Billy Cranston? Yeah, why not? It'd be fun.' What do you make of that?"

"She's developed a weird sense of humour?" Billy said. "You mean Adira Wasserman, right?"

"Indeed, Billy."

"Let me think on this, Dad. It's a bit much to take in."

Hank nodded and after squeezing Billy's shoulder, he left his son to think.

Friday, October 26th, 1984.

Angel Grove High

"Yo, Billy, my main brain!" called Zack. "Hurry up and come tell us what's eating you!"

"I was not aware that I was displaying any signs of distraction," Billy said, joining his friends.

"You've buttoned your shirt up the wrong way," Kim said. "You only do that when you're preoccupied."

Billy sighed and restored his attire to rights. "Nothing is wrong. My father has enlightened me as to the position of his connubial grade and has placed upon me the task to ascertain my judgement of the current standing progressing to a higher state."

The others looked at Trini.

"His father told him what his marital status was and has given Billy the job of deciding how he feels about that status becoming more than it is now," Trini clarified.

"Affirmative, Trini," Billy continued. "According to my father, he has been casually seeing Adira's mother, but I doubt that, for it is now of enough importance that they are considering conjugal associations and have asked Adira and I to give our rulings about whether they will or not. Adira has agreed, I am still deciding."

"Their parents are considering marriage, but won't do it unless Adira and Billy agree to it," said Trini. The teens fell silent, each of Billy's friends silently thinking, this is going to be a disaster. Yes, Billy was not as shy anymore and that was good. But he was also shy and discomforted around people he didn't know very well, females especially. He only knew Adira through working with her at school.

"If I may make a suggestion, Billy," Jason said.

"You may," Billy said.

Trying to be tactful, Jason considered his words carefully. "If you decide that you do not mind the wedding going ahead, I think it would be a good idea for you to insist that a brand new house be purchased. You see, that way neither family comes into a home that is somehow, invisibly, marked as the other family's territory. You'd be starting on neutral territory, as it were."

Jason let Billy consider his words, before Adira barrelled right into them, running at what seemed like one hundred miles per hour.

"Hey, Billy!" she said chirpily. "So, what've you decided?"

"Billy—" said Trini, before Adira cut her off.

"I'm sure he can talk for himself, Trini," she said. "So, Billy?"

"I have desisted from asserting my estimation of the state of affairs, because I am unresolved as to my estimation of the said affairs," said Billy.

"And in plain English?"

"Billy has not yet decided on his opinion, so he has stopped himself from giving one," said Trini.

"Right..." said Adira. "We have a restaurant dinner tonight, apparently, to talk about what we think of the wedding."

"Should be fun," Billy said.

"Maybe, but I have a feeling that it will only show us all what differences we have to work through," said Adira.

"What do you mean?" Billy said.

"It is Shabbat. We light our candles at fourteen to five tonight."

"Oh, man," said Zack. "That is a problem."

"You're Jewish," said Billy levelly. No judgement was in his tone, it was simply an observance.

"I am indeed," Adira said. "Whilst your father knows that—or at least I hope he knows that—I'm sure he doesn't fully appreciate the difficulties that we two families will go through. But Shabbat is the easiest night to sort out solutions for; it'll only become much harder from here. I'll warn you. The restaurant is a Jewish restaurant. Whilst it doesn't matter when we attend—we have a seven o'clock reservation; my mother and I have to attend synagogue before dinner—the observances of Shabbat remain the same, no matter the time of dinner. The food is kosher, according to Kashrut, as another warning."

"Thanks for the warnings," Kim said as Adira left. "Well, we now have to spend lunch in the library, researching this 'Shabbat' so you can warn your dad."

"And kosher food," said Trini. "It would be very rude to ask for something that is not permitted by Jewish laws. But if your father has been seeing Adira's mother for this long, surely he understands at least the laws on food."

"You'd hope so," said Billy. "From Adira's words, I have a bad feeling he doesn't."

Rita's Moon Palace—Throne Room

"I like how things are progressing," said Rita. "I believe now I shall release Scorpina from where she has waited thousands of years for us. She shall be with us when we claim victory!"

"Yes! Release Scorpina!" said Baboo. "She's so evil!"

"From deep inside an evil place, bring forth a warrior of the scorpion race," Rita chanted. "Armour golden, of many dangers, let her destroy the Power Rangers!" Lightning crackled from her wand, striking down to the Earth near a cave. A rock with a scorpion on it began to roll out of the cave, coming to rest in a field.

In a golden flash of light, the rock and scorpion disappeared and a pretty Asian woman, clad in golden armour that was modelled after a scorpion's body appeared.

"Rita! You have freed me! I have returned to help you defeat Zordon!"

In golden light, she disappeared from Earth, reappearing in the Palace. Walking up to Rita, she knelt, offering her service.

"Today, you will go and fight the Rangers," said Rita, watching Scorpina stand and take her place beside Goldar. "Then tomorrow, we will cut the power to their Zords by creating a solar eclipse when they are fighting Goldar, Scorpina, Purple Ranger and Green Ranger. They will have no chance. Against four opponents and rapidly diminishing energy, they will soon be defeated."

"I am pleased to serve you, Empress Rita," Scorpina said. "But who are these evil Rangers of whom you speak?"

"They're in school," said Rita, unimpressed. "Since I don't wish for my Rangers' covers to be blown, I cannot summon them presently."

"But, Empress," said Squatt. "We're going to win, so who cares if we take a bit longer than we really want?"

"I do!" Rita said. "I want my victory to come quickly! I finally have a chance to claim the Earth for my own and I will not have it slowed any more than necessary!" She glared at Squatt, who hid behind Baboo. "You will fight them, Scorpina, with our Rangers, at three. But come four-thirty, you must let them alone. Purple Ranger has a family engagement she insists she cannot miss."

"You are giving the Rangers a lot of leeway," said Scorpina, her voice calm.

"Not so," said Rita. "She proved to me that to miss the engagement would be disastrous to her fighting on my side. Her mother would ground her and guard her constantly, she said. So I wait."

Angel Grove High—Library

"Found anything out?" said Kim, carrying over an armful of books.

"Certain animals may not be eaten at all. This restriction includes the flesh, organs, eggs and milk of the forbidden animals," Jason said. "Land mammals, except for swarming rodents, must both have cloven hooves and chew their cud to be kosher. The camel, rock badger, hare and pig are specifically stated as not kosher, because they lack one or the other of those qualities. However, sheep, cattle, goats and deer are kosher."

Jason returned to the book, beginning to paraphrase. "Shellfish such as lobsters, oysters, shrimp, clams and crabs are not kosher, because they don't have fins and scales. Fish like tuna, carp, salmon and herring is kosher, because they have fins and scales. Birds of prey or scavengers are forbidden. Chicken, geese, ducks and turkeys are kosher, though. Some winged swarming things or winged insects if you prefer, were once permitted, but they are all forbidden, since no one is sure what ones were or weren't permitted.

"There is a thing called 'glatt'," Jason said. "This means 'smooth'. After death, some authorities require an examination to determine if the lungs are free from adhesions and if they are, the animal is pronounced 'glatt kosher'. An animal may be kosher without being glatt, under certain circumstances, but the stringency of keeping 'glatt kosher' is starting to become common."

Billy was quite silent as his friends read, but he listened attentively.

"Of the animals that may be eaten, the birds and mammals must be killed in accordance with Jewish law," said Trini. "Animals that have died of natural causes or that have been killed by other animals are not kosher. In addition, only the flocks and herds must have no disease or flaws in the organs at the time of slaughter."

"All blood must be drained from the meat or broiled out of it before it is eaten," said Zack. "The method of ritual slaughter, shechitah, is a quick, deep stroke across the throat with a perfectly sharp blade with no nicks or unevenness. This method is painless, causing unconsciousness within two seconds and also ensures rapid, complete draining of the blood, rendering the meat kosher. Whatever blood remains must be removed either by broiling or soaking and salting."

Zack checked the book again. "Liver can only be kashered—I think that means to remove blood—by the broiling method because there is so much blood in it and very complex blood vessels. This final process must be completed within seventy-two hours after slaughter and before the meat is frozen or ground. Hmm... an egg that contains a blood spot may not be consumed. It's a good idea to break the egg into a container and check it before putting it into a heated pan, because if the egg is bloodstained and put into a heated pan, the pan becomes non-kosher. "

Billy added, "Certain parts of permitted animals may not be eaten. This applies to the sciatic nerve and a certain type of fat, known as chelev. The chelev is removed by a kosher butcher, but most slaughters sell the hind quarters, where the sciatic nerve is located to non kosher butchers, as the process of removing this nerve is time consuming and not cost effective."

"Meat cannot be eaten with dairy. Fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables and grains can be eaten with either meat or dairy. According to some views, fish may not be eaten with meat," said Kim, putting the books down and closing the top one. "Poultry and milk may not be eaten together. Meat and fish may not be cooked together or be served on the same plates. It is permitted to eat fish and dairy together and also to eat dairy and eggs together."

Kim sighed, opening the book again. "Would you believe that this separation of these foods also applies to the utensils, pots and pans in which they are cooked, the plates and flatware from which they are eaten, the dishwashers or dishpans for cleaning them and the towels for drying them?"

Billy's jaw dropped. "You're joking," he managed.

"No, I'm Kimberly," Kim answered, showing him the book. "It also says you must wait between three to six hours after eating meat before eating dairy; however, you need only rinse the mouth and eat a neutral food such as bread, after eating dairy, if you wish to eat meat—unless the dairy product in question is a type that tends to stick in the mouth. The smallest quantity of meat or dairy in something renders it completely meat or dairy, for purpose of kashrut."

"Utensils that have come into contact with meat may not be used with dairy, and vice versa. Utensils that have come into contact with non-kosher food may not be used with kosher food. This applies only where the contact occurred while the food was hot," Billy read from the book. "The Yiddish words fleishik, milchik, pareve and treyf—meat, dairy, neutral and non-kosher are commonly used to describe food or utensils that fall into those categories."

Billy sighed. "Well, we are going to have some interesting talks tonight—but back on track. A utensil becomes the status of the kosher food that was cooked or eaten off it and then transmits that status to the next food cooked or eaten off it. This transmission of kosher status is only applicable in the presence of heat. Stovetops and sinks routinely become non-kosher, because they naturally come into contact with meat and dairy products.

"It is therefore necessary to use dishpans when cleaning dishes and to use separate rests and trivets when placing things on the stovetop. Dishwashers either must have separate dish racks or must go through a cycle in-between meat and dairy loads. Zack, apparently, kasher means to make kosher, or maybe neutral—because here it says routine laundering kashers items like towels and potholders. You need separate ones for meat and dairy, as Kim said."

"Grape products made by non-Jews may not be eaten," Trini said. "This is because there is a law against using products of idolatry. Use of wines and other grape products made by non-Jews is prohibited. Whole grapes aren't a problem, nor are whole grapes in fruit cocktails. This rule, mostly only affects wine and grape juice. So, fruit drinks and fruit-flavoured drinks need to be checked for grape juice. Some baking powders are not kosher because they are made with cream of tartar, which is a by-product of wine making."

They all looked at each other, rising and replacing the books as the bell went for end of lunch.

"Tonight is either going to be a disaster or decent," said Billy.

"Which are you betting on?" Zack said.


Angel Grove—Wasserman Residence

Purple flames shimmered on the wall as Adira teleported into her room, hurrying to get dressed for synagogue and dinner before the lighting of the candles. She hurriedly pulled her hair back into a ponytail, pulling on a purple blouse and denim skirt, plus her butterfly anklestraps. Adira looked at her hair once more and then exited her room, sliding down the banisters.

Her mother frowned at her but turned to the candles, lighting them in silence.

"Mom? Are you and Hank going to have babies?"

"Adira, what kind of question is that? We don't even know if we're going to get married yet, why would we be determining if babies are in the equation?" said Menorah.

"It's something that you should figure out," said Adira. "After all, if one of you wants babies and the other doesn't, then it might be messy."

Menorah sighed, turning to her daughter. "Adira, we are just going to dinner. We have quite a bit to discuss, namely the intermeshing of our religions and practices. I hope religion doesn't force us out of a relationship, but it very well may. If we all think we can work through the religious customs, we can sort out the other questions. The most important question is whether they can accommodate our requirements of the Law."

"What about my basement?" Adira said, pouting.

Menorah sighed again. "I don't know, Adira. You may end up having to pack away all your weapons."

"Oh, brilliant," said Adira, the sarcasm evident. However, she tucked away her thoughts as she and her mother went to synagogue, focusing her attention on the service, trying very hard to not think about the planned dinner. This at least she succeeded in, but once they were in the car, heading for the restaurant, her worries resurfaced.

Finally, her mother jerked the car to a stop and looked at Adira. "Adira, calm down!" she said. "I can't drive with you over-analysing everything." Adira nodded, her mouth snapping shut. The rest of the ride was made in silence and at five to seven, they pulled into the parking lot, where they met Hank and Billy. Introductions were quickly made and they made their way into the restaurant.

Billy noted the table was set with a clean white cloth and that almost as soon as they were seated that two loaves of bread were set on the table.

"Here are your menus," said the waiter, before disappearing.

"Who runs this restaurant?" asked Billy, curiously.

"The owner is a Jew," said Adira, smiling. "However, everyone employed is not Jewish. That's because at certain times of the year, Jews are not permitted to work. No work is done on Shabbat, so Mom and I go out to dinner, rather than having pre-prepared food." They returned their attention to the menus and ordered their dinner, before Menorah quietly said a prayer.

"That was the Kiddush," said Menorah. "It is said every Shabbat, before dinner and at Saturday midday. Usually the father should say it, but he died." She cut the hallah, giving a piece to everyone. "Normally, you have hallah with the dinner; but here, you have a piece before dinner, but only a piece—since we have not eaten since an hour after noon, to make us appreciate the dinner more."

"Oh," said Hank. "Billy, have you made a decision?"

"Yes," said Billy, startling himself. "Wasserman? Adira Wasserman? Yeah, why not? It'd be fun."

"I'm going to get you for that, Cranston," Adira said as their dinners arrived, though she smiled. "You'd better watch out."

Ignoring the byplay, Hank continued. "Billy has told me about the laws about food and the extensions and we think we can handle that. This thing of not working, what do you mean?"

"The laws say we are not permitted to work at certain times and on certain holidays," said Menorah. "On those days, we are usually celebrating the day by attending synagogue services or in other ways. Adira and I usually do absolutely nothing if we can help it with regards to work; we have meals and snacks prepared in advance and unless we can't for some reason, we just kick around."

"But what about homework or projects?" asked Billy.

"Those I do," said Adira, looking unhappy. "If I don't do those, I'll get into big trouble at school and the excuse of an observance doesn't seem to cut it, unfortunately; we have twenty-six observances; one occurring once a month and another once a week. But I deal."

"So the wedding is on, then," said Menorah, to which she received three nods.

"There's so much to plan," said Adira.

"Actually, Adira, there isn't," said Menorah. "We decided we didn't want anything fancy the second time around; we've been through it once already and that was enough. Besides, where would we get married? Church or synagogue? A quiet City Hall wedding solves those problems."

"Fine," said Adira.

Billy had remained silent, due to nerves, but finally felt compelled to ask. "Where would we live after the wedding?"

"That is a good question," said Hank. "Would you mind if I made a list?" he said to Menorah and Adira, who nodded for him to proceed. "Well, on our side, Billy needs a garage for his laboratory and I need an office for my work as the head of every Wally's food store in California. What about yours?"

"I need a large basement for my weapons," Adira said.

Hank's jaw dropped. "Weapons? Uh, never mind, I don't think I want to know. What about you, Menorah?"

"A large kitchen is very essential when cooking to the requirements of the Law," she said. "I would like a house with a master bedroom with personal toilet and bathroom, though; we don't have one now."

"We need a basement, triple garage, large kitchen, master bedroom with toilet and bathroom, an office, three more bedrooms, another toilet and bathroom, dining room and rec room," said Hank, looking at his list. "Something tells me we'll need a new house."

"That is a logical deduction," said Billy. The waiter cleared their plates away and Menorah leaned in close to Billy and Hank.

"I work in real estate. You both come over Monday and we'll show you the houses that Adira and I think would be best. Then I can give you an estimation of what your house would bring on the market. As for the new house, I think we might be talking about eight hundred thousand dollars."

"Can't we do that now?" Adira said.

"Well, if that's alright with you?" Menorah said, looking at Billy and Hank, who shrugged.

"Certainly," said Hank. "Just follow our car."

Saturday, October 27th, 1984.

The Power Chamber

The five teens were in the Power Chamber, receiving an important debrief from Zordon.

"The Green and Purple Rangers are under an evil spell, Rangers," said Zordon. "You had raised this idea before and after studying the battles, the only conclusion is that they are enspelled. You know that if you have the Power and go rogue, the Power will be stripped from you. If you are enspelled, then the Power stays with you."

"Right," said Kim. "So how do we break the spell?"

"For now, you can only break the spell on the Green Ranger," said Zordon. "If the Sword of Darkness that he carries is destroyed, then the spell over him shall be likewise be destroyed."

"What about the Purple Ranger?" said Billy, ever practical.

"Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing holding the spell over her, Rangers," said Zordon. "By adding the Green Ranger to our team, we may learn how to best free the Purple Ranger. You must make every endeavour to destroy the Sword of Darkness."

"We will, Zordon," the Rangers promised.

"Now go, Rangers. Rita has sent down Goldar, Scorpina, Purple Ranger and Green Ranger. You will need the Zords."

"It's Morphin Time!" shouted Jason.




"Saber-toothed Tiger!"


Eclipsing MegaZord

Calling upon the MegaZord, they faced off the four opponents in downtown Angel Grove. Unbeknownst to them, below them Bulk and Skull were in a bus, trying to get away from the mayhem and destruction. They had better things to think about—Rita had come down on her flying bicycle and struck up a conversation.

"Are you ready to give up?" she said.

"No!" Red Ranger shouted.

"Jason, you are a fool! You cannot hope to stand against me and win!" Rita said. She laughed, evil and darkness in her voice.

"We'll never surrender to you!" said Pink Ranger.

"Goldar! Proceed with stage three of the Rangers' destruction!" Rita said.

Goldar bent over, picking up a bus; the same bus that Bulk and Skull were using to get away. The two of them clung to each other and yammered in fright as Goldar looked inside.

"Those are civilians!" Black Ranger said.

"Indeed!" Goldar said. "You know them quite well. I believe they're known as Bulk and Skull."

"Put them down!" said Yellow Ranger.

"Not until you have surrendered!" said Goldar.

"Grifforzer, put them down!" said Purple Ranger, crossing her kris and kampilan. "They are civilians, they are not part of this!"

"Here we go with the honour again," said Green Ranger to himself. He looked at Goldar. "Put them down, Goldar. The sooner you do, the sooner we can fight. Because she won't let up until you do."

"What?" said Goldar, a dangerous tone in his voice. "Are you turning against Rita?"

"No, you dimwit," said Purple Ranger. "We're rebelling against dishonour."

"What's going on?" said Blue Ranger.

"Seems Purple Ranger has begun spouting about honour," said Red Ranger. "Just watch, it's unbelievable."

"What honour?" Yellow Ranger said.

The others didn't respond.

"You cannot directly hurt the civilians until the Rangers are defeated," said Purple Ranger calmly, as if she were speaking to a slow-witted child. "In an attack, civilians are hurt, but that is natural and does not affect honour. But to directly attack a civilian is to breach the code of honour."

"You were going to slit the Pink Ranger's throat when in civilian form," said Goldar, growling. "And you killed that civilian. What had she done to you?"

"She attacked me," Purple Ranger said. "That constitutes a battle, in which I am allowed to kill her. As for the Pink Ranger, that is acceptable."

"How?" Goldar said.

"She made the choice to serve as a Ranger. Zordon cannot force her to continue as a Ranger, she may leave at any time," Purple Ranger said. "If we were not even allowed to fight the Rangers in civilian form, then Bandora would only ever send down a monster with Golems, for monsters must be fought in Ranger form. Once the Rangers are gone, we can do whatever we want with the civilians."

"But until then, they are not to be harmed," said Green Ranger. "That goes against the code of honour. So put the bus down, Goldar. Carefully."

"And if I don't?"

"Then we do not fight," said Green Ranger. "Purple Ranger will not and I will not. In fact, hand the bus over. I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you."

Goldar handed the bus over to the Green Ranger, who set it on the ground and watched it speed away as fast as it could. Then in a flash of light, the battle was transported to the beach, where battle commenced.

"Now do you think you could defeat the Power Rangers?" Rita said.

"As you wish!" the four evil warriors chorused, before beginning to strike out at the MegaZord with their weapons. Sparks flew from the MegaZord, because for every three strikes they blocked, four hit. Still, they were holding their own, mostly. Rita then chose to begin the unnatural eclipse and the MegaZord's solar power began to diminish.

"This is not good," said Blue Ranger. "We're down five percent in solar energy absorption. If the solar eclipse continues, we'll be at a serious disadvantage soon!"

"Noted, Billy!" Red Ranger said. "Okay, we've got to focus on the Sword of Darkness!"

But they simply had no way to destroy the Sword, for they were too busy defending themselves from attacks.

"We're down to thirty percent power!" said Black Ranger.

"The eclipse is almost total!" said Blue Ranger.

"Jason, try the Power Sword! It should recharge the power cells!" Yellow Ranger said, a note of frantic hysteria entering her voice with good reason.

"We need the Power Sword!" Red Ranger said. Out of the sky came the Power Sword, which the MegaZord took with great haste. Now, the Rangers began to have a better fight, now blocking three strikes for every one that landed. Even so, with no more solar energy coming in and reserves diminishing rapidly, they knew they were going to lose the fight, for they did not have enough power left.

"Jason, I'm going to send all the non essential power to you," said Blue Ranger. "Hopefully it will be enough to halt the fight for an hour or two."

"Right, Billy!"

Scorpina lashed out with her tail, electrocuting them before Goldar and Green Ranger crossed swords and sent an energy bolt at them.

"We're almost dead," said Pink Ranger, managing to sound more calm than she felt.

"And now you are," retorted Purple Ranger, sending a bolt of energy from her hand. The MegaZord sparked and fried as the earth split into two. Then it simply toppled backwards, separating into the DinoZords, falling into the crevasse. The five Rangers fell out of the MegaZord, landing on the ground in a park near the beach, force demorphing due to safety parameters.

"What happened to the MegaZord?" said Zack as they got up in a hurry.

"Over there!" Jason said, leading the way to where they looked into the crevasse, seeing their Zords sink into the super hot magma amidst explosions. "Our Zords!"

"They're gone!" said Kimberly, her face streaked with tears.

"I can't believe it! It's like Rita destroyed a part of us!" said Zack, his tone one of stunned disbelief.

"They were always there when we needed them!" said Billy.

"Now they're gone!" Trini said, her voice choking on tears. "Just when we need them most!"

Back at the battle site, Goldar, Scorpina and Rita teleported back to the moon. Green and Purple Rangers exchanged nods and teleported off to their respective destinations.

The Power Chamber

"The Power Rangers are history," said Kimberly, pacing back and forth. "Without our Zords, how can we hope to beat Rita?"

"Patience, Kimberly," said Zordon. "All is not lost."

"How can we get the Zords back?" said Zack. "Seems pretty lost to me!"

"We can't give up," said Jason. He was quiet, but no less commanding. "We're the Power Rangers. The world needs us, or it's history."

"We need our Zords, Jase," Trini said. "If we don't have our Zords, then we're history."

"Let's face it," Zack said, his face grim. "Those Rangers were Rita's trump card. She played it and it's a royal bloody flush!"

"Rangers, all is not lost!" Zordon repeated himself more forcefully this time and the Rangers looked at him. "We know how to free the Green Ranger. Also, we know who the Green Ranger is."

"Well, who is it?" said Jason.

"An acquaintance of yours, Jason," Zordon said. "Tommy Oliver." The Rangers looked at him, shock written on their faces.

"How do you know?" said Trini.

"An ancient prophecy foretold the saga of the Green Ranger," said Zordon. "It is rather complex, so bear with me. It goes as follows:

The ancient dinosaur Powers,
Held by humans, good and evil,
Six Coins, yet seven warriors.
Only two are the enemy,
For a short time, battles will wage.
Tommy Oliver will be freed
From the hold of evil's dark spell.
And only Purple remains to serve.
Purple becomes Green, she will return,
Forging the Rangers for all time.
They are the Seven, first Chosen.

"That is the prophecy," said Zordon.

"And it couldn't tell us Purple Ranger's identity?" Kim said. "I hate prophecies."

"Well, at least we know the identity of the Green Ranger," said Billy. "We've got a lot more to work with than we had before."

"Go home for now, Rangers," said Zordon. "There is no more we can do. Do not approach Tommy openly; we do not wish to tip our hand too early." When they had departed, Alpha looked at him. "Begin work, Alpha Five. We must rescue the DinoZords."

Angel Grove—Kwan Residence

Trini sighed, closing her book. The stress of the past days was now catching up to her and for the first time in her life, she was terrified. Not the childish terror she had once had of fantasy monsters, nor the scariness of having to perhaps leave her friends. Pure terror, that came from knowing that Kimberly had been so close to death, that Goldar would have killed Jason, that Green Ranger would have done it had Purple Ranger done nothing, that this Amy Freeman was killed in front of her—and that she herself had died, only being revived through November's performing CPR and a surge of power from the Grid.

Trini understood all too well that there were always people out there who had it infinitely worse. She opened her book again, A History of the Wizarding World, finishing the section on Grindelwald. Trini had picked up the book at some deceased person's estate sale two years ago and thought it nothing more than an elaborately constructed fairy tale. With the advent of being a Ranger and then her encounter with the goblins, she had thought—and now knew—the book spoke of real things.

Trini wondered sometimes why no one ever came to pick the book up, for the book had given her the impression that if non-magical people had magical items, they would be recovered. No one had ever done so and she wasn't sure what to make of that. She closed the book, hiding it in her secret wall space. She did not feel up to reading about the next Dark Wizard. Now was the time to think about their situation.

They had to destroy the Sword of Darkness. At best, Rita would only send down the two Rangers. At worst, the Rangers, Goldar, Scorpina and Putties would be sent down. Trini raised her communicator to her mouth, having formed the simplest strategy she could.

"Jason, I have a plan," she said.

"What is it?" Jason said.

"It will only work if we can get them alone, but you take him on and destroy the Sword of Darkness. The rest of us will have to take his friend on to give you a fighting chance," Trini said.

"You can present it to the others tomorrow," said Jason, his tone thoughtful. "But it sounds like it might just work. It's simple. Something would have to go majorly wrong for it to not work."

Sunday, October 28th, 1984.

Rita's Moon Palace—Throne Room

Rita smiled, sending Baboo and Squatt running for cover. "Now, to give the Green Ranger his ancient Zord. With his own Zord, he will be able to destroy the Rangers!"

"We haven't seen this Zord in thousands of years!" Squatt said.

"What if it's been damaged or something?" Baboo said, following Squatt's line of thought.

"It will not have been damaged!" said Goldar. "Zords in dormancy are most often hidden away and cannot easily be damaged! Just as the other Zords have their hiding places, so does the DragonZord. Now, be silent!"

Rita threw out her hand, fingers held together in a loose pattern, watching red light stream from her hand and fall into the sea beside the business district of Angel Grove. They watched as the sea began to boil and churn as the DragonZord rose from the sea before Rita dismissed the picture and then called for Tommy and Adira to begin the fight.

Angel Grove—Business District

Trini had just finished explaining her plan to the team when their communicators beeped.

"Rangers! Rita has called DragonZord to battle in the business district. You must go there and prevent both the DragonZord and the Rangers from causing untold destruction!" Zordon said.

"We're on it," said Jason. "It's Morphin Time!"




"Saber-toothed Tiger!"


They landed atop a building, watching the DragonZord walk in from the sea, indiscriminately destroying whatever was in his path.

"Dragon Caesar?" said Purple Ranger in disbelief, landing before the Rangers. "What can he do, Green Ranger?"

"Let's find out!" said Green Ranger, putting the Dragon Dagger to his mouthplate, playing a haunting tune.

DragonZord's hands suddenly loaded with missiles, launching them directly at the six Rangers. Purple Ranger did the smart thing and back flipped off the building, leaving the other Rangers to get shot off and land at Purple Ranger's feet.

"Why are you doing this?" said Black Ranger, summoning his Power Axe.

"Poor little Ranger," said Purple Ranger. "You don't understand. Rita has won. You can accept that you are defeated... or die now."

"We choose death," said Yellow Ranger, venom in her voice.

"So be it," said Purple Ranger. "Green Ranger! Set Dragon Caesar to just destroy and join me!"

And with that, battle was joined. With their minds acutely aware of DragonZord's path of destruction, each Ranger on the side of Light went for the Green Ranger and the Sword of Darkness. However, together the Green and Purple Rangers were proving to be nearly unstoppable and sent them flying every which way.

"We have to stop the DragonZord," said Blue Ranger. "Jason, what should we do, limited as we are?"

Red Ranger was unable to answer, for his Power Morpher began to glow, as did the others. The Green and Purple Rangers stepped forward cautiously, only to see their bodies dissolve into streaks of lights and disappear.

"They're gone!" Green Ranger said.

"After them!" said Purple Ranger. And so they followed.

Breaking The Spell

The DinoZords had returned to the Rangers—it seemed that the hot magma had contributed somehow to the recharging and repairing of the Zords.

"Let's form up the MegaZord!" the Rangers said, ascending to their returned Zords.

Green Ranger summoned the DragonZord in response, waiting to attack. Barely giving the MegaZord time to steady itself, he attacked, sending DragonZord hard and fast. The MegaZord sidestepped the attack, grabbing DragonZord by the tail and twirling, sending the Zord crashing into a set of hills, decimating them.

"It's at times like these that I'm glad that the Power restores everything that has been damaged to its normal condition when we win," said Pink Ranger.

"It's never restored a life, Kim," said Yellow Ranger. "I should know."

"I know, Trini. I know," said Pink Ranger, her tone gentle.

"Give it up, Tommy!" Red Ranger said.

"Never!" Green Ranger said.

"Then I'm sorry it has to be this way!"

Red Ranger exited the MegaZord, landing several feet away from the two evil Rangers. Withdrawing his sword, he rushed them, ducking a blow from Purple Ranger and then began to fight in earnest, dodging as many strikes as he gave out.

"This has to end!" Red Ranger said.

"It will. With your death!" Green Ranger said, playing the tune on his dagger once more, this time causing his shield to glow with green light. Purple Ranger was at his side, watching Red Ranger. She was far more wary than Green Ranger.

Red Ranger fired off a few shots with his Power Blaster, which did no harm except to himself, as they were reflected off Green Ranger. He growled, drawing his hand across his sword blade, letting red light inflame it.

"THIS ENDS!" Red Ranger cried, throwing the sword at Green Ranger and readying the Power Blaster. His Power Sword knocked the Sword of Darkness into the air and the two Rangers back a few steps. Red Ranger took careful aim, shooting off a powerful blast, which incinerated the sword. Green Ranger fell to the ground as sickly green light rose from his morphed body, leaving Tommy behind.

Purple Ranger fell by his side. "Tommy?" she said, her voice worried. "Tommy?"

"Purple Ranger," he said, struggling to sit up.

Taking a chance, she hissed in a low voice to him, before raising her voice. "Are you okay?" she said. Tommy managed a nod and satisfied, she teleported out. Tommy promptly collapsed to the grass again—it was evident he was not all right.

The five Rangers met up and demorphed together, before slowly approaching Tommy.

"You okay, Tommy?" said Jason.

"What's happening to me?" he said, dazed.

"You're no longer under Rita's power," said Jason, helping him stand.

As Tommy stood, the memories flooded him. "What have I done?" he said, suddenly feeling not worthy to meet Jason's calm gaze.

"What you did, you did under Rita's influence." Jason paused, then continued. "You own the Power now. Fight by our side, and we can defeat Rita."

"After everything that's happened?" Tommy exclaimed, without really meaning to say those words out loud.

"Tommy, we need you," said Jason.

However, Tommy was still uncertain and looked away, before Jason brought him back to reality with his next words.

"It's where you belong," Jason said, unconsciously extending a hand to Tommy. "Will you join us, Tommy?"

Tommy met his eyes and hesitated briefly, before shaking his hand.

Rita's Moon Palace—Throne Room

Adira, her helmet under her arm, presented herself to Rita. "My Empress," she said, kneeling before her. "You called."

"Tell me, Adira, where is Green Ranger?" Rita said.

"He is on the side of Light, after Red Ranger destroyed the Sword of Darkness," Adira said.

"Why did you let that happen?" Goldar said, stepping forward with his sword.

"I did not 'let it happen'. By the time that I or even the Green Ranger could have managed an adequate response that would have kept the Sword of Darkness intact," Adira said, her eyes stormy, "it was too late. Jason had already destroyed it. I still am in your service, victory is not yet beyond your grasp, my Empress."

"Victory will be short in coming if Tommy—as he undoubtedly will—tells them of your identity!" Rita said.

"He will not," said Adira. "When I made sure he was alright, I hissed a warning to him. If he told of my identity or anything of me that could be used to determine my identity, I would make sure that the Rangers died by his hand."

The Power Chamber

An hour later, the six teens now on the side of Light were in the Power Chamber. Zordon had shown them DragonZord in Fighting Mode: DragonZord, Mastodon, Triceratops and Saber-toothed Tiger united together. Tommy had been inducted, taken the three oaths and been given his green communicator.

"And now, Tommy, we must speak seriously. What do you know of the Purple Ranger?" Zordon said.

"What I know of her, I will not tell," said Tommy.

"Tommy, that information would help us!" said Kimberly.

"I know, Kim," said Tommy. "But if I tell anything of her, she will kill you all. She knows who each of you are in civilian identity. How easy would it be to come over to your house in the dead of night and slit your throats?"

"We have sensors," said Alpha.

"And don't you think that if Purple Ranger wanted to, she could fool the sensors?" said Tommy. "Purple Ranger is Rita's last chance. Once she's lost Purple Ranger, she's lost everything. Purple Ranger is evil and wants Rita to succeed. So I do not tell to protect you all."

Jason held Tommy's gaze before nodding. "Fine. I can accept that. But do you think you alone can get her to our side?"

"I don't know," said Tommy. "I don't know. But I know this. Purple Ranger alone is going to be ten times worse than us two together. There is no Purple Power Coin. She draws her power direct from the Grid."

"A Trphi warrior?" Zordon said. "I had thought it could be, because of the prophecy, but it seemed too far-fetched."

"Yes," said Tommy. "That's what Rita called her. Said they'd been common millennia ago, but had greatly reduced in number over the centuries. With power direct from the Grid, she could probably kill us all with a simple wave of her hand."

"Then why doesn't she?" said Trini.

"That's not honourable," said Tommy, feeling a wave of exhaustion pass over him. "Maybe..." He didn't finish; too exhausted to even resist the exasperated looks the Rangers gave him.

"Imagine: with her on our side, we could defeat Rita once and for all!" said Zack.

"But first we have to get her on our side," Jason said.

And with that sobering thought pointed out, the Rangers departed the Power Chamber.

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