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Deathly Meetings

by Alex Collins

Author Notes: This series—and this chapter—began as a drabble prompt from Desiree. You may consider the facts imparted within as Meleverse canon.

Some argue that Death is emotionless, caring not for those Death encounters. Like most things, this is not the whole truth. She has emotions, but they have no place in her duty—and to give into emotional displays would only serve to drive her mad. More to the point, how can she care for those whom she has never met? She meets these people at the end of the end, when all is said and done.

But that is not always the case.

Death is human, after all. She has made friends and loyal allies. She fought as a Warrior of the Meledon during the war, acutely aware of all those who died even as she battled.

And now the time has come to send those friends and allies on...

Nymphadora Tonks-Potter sat in her bed. Around her, a few members of her family were gathered. Harry, obviously. They hadn't left each other's side in years. Charlie was there, Remus as well, Hermione and Meghan.

"Will she be okay?" Harry said and Nymphadora knew it would soon be time.

"She'll no longer be in pain," the voice said, clear and soft. "Remember that."

Nymphadora closed her eyes and exhaled. There was a yellow flash of light—and though she had always known it would come—she was still shocked, for she had not seen anything since the Final Battle.

"Come with me, Nymphadora."

Nymphadora cast a look back at the room, surprised when she did not feel sadness at the raw grief on her family's faces.

"There is no sadness, Nymphadora. There is only joy, happiness and peace."

The room blurred and when Nymphadora could see again, the room was her bedroom at her parents' house, where she'd always felt truly comfortable. When she had been here, the reality outside didn't matter quite as much. When everything had been going wrong, she had been able to come here.

She went over to her bed, sitting up against the headboard. When she had done so, light sparkled off the window and her desk, revealing two other Nymphadoras.




"I was a Hufflepuff," Lupin said, staring out the window. "I did okay in school, could have been a prefect... but I lacked the ability to behave myself. Went to work for the Aurors and a year later, I got swept up into the Order, when Voldemort had returned." She snorted. "You know what it's like, being a Metamorphmagus. Didn't get close to anyone... and then I fell in love with Remus. Had to chase him for a whole year and whenever it seemed I'd get in close... 'I'm a werewolf'."

"Being a werewolf isn't a bad thing," Weasley said, though a blush was spreading over her cheeks.

"No, but of course he never believed that until I beat it into his skull that I loved him, didn't care about his furry little problem, or his age, or his lack of money," Lupin said. "Or maybe it was that Dumbledore had just been murdered by Snape that helped. I don't know. He agreed and we were married."

"Was he good?" Weasley said.

"Eww!" Potter said. "I do not want to hear about Remus like that!"

"I do!"

"And if I told you I knew how Arthur Weasley was in bed?"

"...point taken." Weasley peered up at Potter. "You don't, right?"

Potter smirked.

"If you two are done," Lupin said. "We had a son. Teddy. Harry was godfather. It... wasn't quite the perfect marriage, Remus still worried about what he was, but... we loved each other."

"Sounds perfect to me," Weasley said. "Charlie and I loved each other. As long as we've had that, things have been fine."

Lupin smiled and shook her head. "What's your story, Potter?"

"Stopped a giant Basilisk my first year in Hogwarts," Potter said.

"Wasn't that Harry's job?" the other two said.

Weasley cleared her throat at Lupin's look. "The Chamber of Secrets was opened in Harry's second year, and Harry eventually tamed the Basilisk."

"He killed it here," Lupin said.

"Well, it fell to Charlie and I to do something, since no one else knew anything, but we didn't know anything either," Potter said. "And the people who did know things weren't talking. But with a bit of sheer dumb luck... the Chamber was closed once again. Of course, being a Slytherin, the next years were not so easy. When Voldemort returned... Hogwarts... it was bad."


Potter closed her eyes. "I was fifteen. The Tri-Wizard Tournament was being held. It was not the most brilliant idea in retrospect. Although I may be somewhat biased, it was an attempt at inter-country relations that failed utterly."

Opening her eyes, she began to speak of her fifth year and the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Her voice was calm, although in many places it would break. Lupin and Weasley had left their seats, coming to hold Potter.

"They wanted to throw me in Azkaban," Potter said. "Yes, I'd used an Unforgivable, but... I didn't do it with any malicious intent. I was trying to..." Her voice broke again.

"You don't seem like you spent any time in Azkaban," Lupin said.

"I didn't," Potter said. "It was pretty clear that the Ministry wasn't going to let me get away with the Unforgivable, but Lily Evans-Potter argued them away from Azkaban."

"You don't sound too pleased," Weasley said.

"I thought anything would be better than Azkaban. Still, there were many, many times that I would have chosen Azkaban over what I did get."

Potter sighed and shook her head. "It was not all bad. I fought for the Order, alongside our Meledon compatriots and the war dragged on. We would eventually win, but at a cost that I have never felt was worth it. I lost my sight and that I would willingly lose many times over—however, the deaths of so many innocent..."

At long last, Weasley spoke.

"I was a Gryffindor. Although—where's the Ravenclaw?"

The others chuckled.

"Charlie Weasley and I became best friends and later a couple. We eventually got married... Merlin, this is embarrassing, but I developed a crush on Remus, who was married to Danger. This was not good, but the way it was handled was even worse: Aletha gave me a love potion so I'd forget the crush. I found out, almost called off the wedding..."

"But love potions don't last very long," Potter said.

"And I'd been planning the wedding for far longer, had been loving Charlie for far longer than the love potion worked for," Weasley said. "When I realised that, I was able to sort everything out properly. I wish my mother could have been there, but she was murdered by Dolores Umbridge."

"You'll get to see her," Lupin said.

"If we ever get out of here," Weasley said. "But... yeah, wow, our lives are boring. Potter, you stopped a basilisk. Closest I ever got to that was... um, no, I never got anywhere near that level of cool."

Potter rolled her eyes. "Anyone could have done it."

"But they didn't," Lupin said. "You did."

"I still would have preferred your lives," Potter said. "I may have done much more, but... was any of it really worth it?"

"It was, Nymphadora Tonks-Potter," Death said, stepping back into the room. "Your life... it was worth it."

"But all of the pain?"

"It's over," Death said. "Now come. Find your peace and your reward."

The three stood, linking hands. As one, they followed Death.

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