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The Last Scion

by Alex Collins

Author Notes: Definitely canon, sometime after 1987, I believe.

Firewhiskey had one hell of a kick.

That was a fact that Sirius Black had become intimately aware of back in his Hogwarts days, but after Hogwarts, the appeal of Firewhiskey had dimmed. Oh, he still had some, but it was never more than one and only four times a year. He vaguely remembered making some sort of promise to Aletha back in seventh year and if nothing else, Sirius was a man of his word.

Even if he had been shitfaced at time of giving his word.

Merlin, but he wanted to get drunk now. Getting drunk now would be way better than this existence.

At least Grimmauld Place was clean and dry and now looked nothing like the home of his youth. That helped some—Sirius was sure he'd have gone insane by now had it been otherwise. It was the safest place for him, but he didn't like being here. There was a war on outside these walls. He needed to be out there, fighting.

His hand ran along the intricate chain of the pendants, once again looking at them.

First pendant: B-shaped serpent and a star.

Second pendant: Lion, Wolf and Winged Horse.

Third pendant: Serpent and Cheetah.

Fourth pendant: Phoenix, Cat, Dragon, Raven.

Fifth pendant: Wolf, Fox, Cat, Doe.

He wasn't sure what some of these meant—the lion, wolf, winged horse and serpent were obvious—but at times, the pendants would grow hot or cold, and then one of the carvings would glow. You didn't have to be a genius to know that meant whomever the carving represented had caused the change in temperature.

There just hadn't been enough time to work out what the pendants were meant to do, which played no small part in his frustration now. For all he knew, the images glowing meant the person had died.

"I did not think this through," he said, pacing around the kitchen. "It seemed the right thing to do, and I did it. I just didn't think about what that would mean for afterward. The others need you. And they'll think of going to Grimmauld Place sooner or later—what will you do then?"

He checked the calendar and groaned. Three days he'd been here.

It felt like so much longer.

"I did the right thing," Sirius repeated. "And now you're an outsider. Well, then. I might as well fight and make a difference. Better that I die, fighting for our freedom than someone else, someone who has family."

With the familiar crack of Apparation, Sirius Valentine Black—the last scion, it could be said, of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black—went to his inevitable death.

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